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Fluttershy, kindness and our eternal empathy for our fellow beings.

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What is kindness that is true kindness?

Is kindness just a matter of being nice or is there more to the element of kindness that just a quick flash of a smile ?

Kindness is extending your heart to help heal others whose hearts or bodies have suffered in some form. It can be something small or something big but it is always a way to help another keep their heart energy the best it can be.

Sadness in of itself can be a hurt to the heart that can be in need of healing.

A simple voice of support, a mere shoulder to cry on etc.

The hard part is knowing what method is best for healing though.

There are times when people will try to take advantage of you or when you actually do more harm than help by supporting.

To the first situation always ALWAYS KNOW your worth. If someone else considers you to be below them or as little more than an ATM to fix their problems you just need to walk away.

Remember THEIR problems are just that THEIRS NOT YOURS.

it is NOT cruelty to protect yourself from others that would bring you down.

if they want to go down with the ship it doesn't mean you have to as well.

walk away and let them learn they need to get better on their own.

Keep in mind by trying to help you are only enabling their disease and problems to persist and so long as you keep helping the problem it will not go away.

our dear Fluttershy learned this lesson when she had to learn to kick the breezies out of her cottage. By simply keeping them in her home she was actually hurting them, keeping them from the growth and natural path of their lives. 

Once she realized this she knew in heart she had to quit enabling this self destructive behavior.

the goal of kindness isn't just being protective and taking the pain of others rather it is to help them face their own pain and learn to grow beyond it.

You should desire the self empowerment of others  not their dependency.

Now, we have kindness down to a "T" I have a nice proposition for you all.

If you are interested in the subject we talk about the real life version of what Fluttershy 's ability to talk with animals is like.

It is not an exact method but it will help you to connect better with animals for sure.

If interested just comment on this post that you are interested in understanding animal telepathy...






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