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Difference between selling and recycling certain items


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The way we get rid of our old items after buying new ones in their place, the outcomes are always different. For instance, if we sell or recycle...

Books, CDs, DVDs, cellphones - We get paid a little bit.
Consoles and desktops - We may get paid a lot! :)
TVs and PC screens - We're the ones who have to pay. :(

Why does it work like this?

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Anyone can use a book if they can read.

Same for CDs and DVDs as long as you have a player which most people still do.

Cell phones are a little iffy, but there's a market. Parents on a budget getting their kid's first phone, the elderly, or simple devices for employees out in the field.

Consoles and Desktops are easy to generally easy to repair or use for parts.

TVs and Monitors are a different story altogether. Monitors can be quite cheaply made, and if they need repairs, I'm guessing it's to a major component. Even if you can get what you need, it may be cheaper to just get a new one when you account for cost and time. There's also the matter of quality. Modern visual media, looks best on a modern screen. People aren't looking for a lesser experience.

The final thing is to ask yourself, why am I getting rid of this? Because chances are more than likely thats the same reason others don't want it.

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Some things retain their value better on the secondary market. Used electronics can be hit or miss, especially these days when everything is designed to become obsolete by a certain point in time. Such items don’t serve anything. The things that have staying power are going to sell, and junk that can only be broken down into their most basic component parts for recycling are more trouble than they’re worth. Things like books don’t break, don’t become obsolete and they often appreciate once they go out of print, so even though they aren’t big ticket items they’re steady and desirable. CDs and DVDs are always useful (unless damaged) so there’s always going to be a demand on some level, even though media companies love to come up with new formats to make us re-buy the same old titles. But basics are basics and they don’t have to be high-tech to maintain longevity or interest.  

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