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Things that evoke:Energy

Johny Farenheit

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This is the first in (Hopefully) many more threads. Everything in this world evokes something within us...as subtle as that may be, they can be the finest things or absolute trash. Music evokes feelings within us, visual images and media evoke wants and needs. Today, let us discuss things that evoke a sudden rush of energy, something that just makes you feel like running and running and just not stopping! Let me here it everypony, tell us all what makes you absolutely PUMPED!!

For me, it's the battle theme from Final Fantasy XIII, known as "Blinded by Light". Its so energetic near the end, it just makes me want to go out and fight, fly, live and do something incredible with this song blaring into the air around me! I feel like flying just thinking about it!

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There is a part in my favorite book series, it requires some explanation, but just reading it made me want to scream " YEAH!!! Get thos bitches!"


This is a normal boy! He was born, he lives and one day he will die! This is a ridiculous court case, what if he is what you say? There is nothing he has done! I am Europa, duchess of niames, daughter of euripides, granddaughter of dinla, who is the daughter of dido herself! Do not forget that I am also the Braden rose! Teratoligist feared by man and monster! If that is not enough, than simply QGU and let matters lie!

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Thats what i like to hear! Lets get something more like that eh?? Come on everypony, join me in my rejoice, in my inferno of energy and life! This feeling, this euphoria no drug can bring about, this is what makes life worth living, what makes you feel positively ALIVE!

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Nothing gives me more of a rush of adrenaline then beining in an intense game of MTG or pokemone cards in a tornament where lots is up for stake.


I get this during the few times I make top 8 at a game day or pre/release event. Especially when we go to game 3, and it comes down to a single turn :)


Also, Separate Ways by Journey and a really well done metal version of Venus Lighthouse from the Golden Sun OST always make me feel pumped.


Getting a shotgun, rocket launcher, or anything else that can one shot things in an FPS, and then just running through rooms, killing everyone and not missing a single shot makes me feel awesome. This especially applies to the flak cannon in Unreal Tournament :)

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A really good movie scene (it can be action, romance or just a great plot twist), a piece of music, takeoffs and landings in an airplane, morning rope-drop at a Disney park, and great art. These all give me a surge of energy. 

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