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  1. Cartoons can defy logic...also, i'm sure manipulating weather can take alot of work. Not that coulds are heavy...just that they're pure water vapor, and water is heavy. Logic!
  2. I have a special pet roach named Ray Charles who lives at my high school. I once picked up a stray cat, in my arms, and it was alright with it. Sometimes, I think of poetry or simple musings of philosophy. I like to make a nest of cardboard and blankets in my bed and hibernate, to wait out the zombies. I like to bite into undercooked meat and taste the juices.
  3. Dreaming of women, power, fame...then i put my mania aside and start to write little blurbs of thought onto paper. Sometimes I build nests in my closet out of cardboard, pillows, sheets and plastic bins.
  4. Time for me to be the hipster and mention something few have heard of! Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII, a shooter that placed you in the bronze-tipped boots of Vincent Valentien. An average game...far too short...and could have done with a good deal more polishing. Still love it...alot.
  5. See? And for the smarter, try offering them potatos? Use them up, then start potato-based testing.
  6. Angel and Roland's deaths, in Borderlands 2. I had come to enjoy roland as a character, now that he had dialouge...but to have him go like that....that made me angry...then sad. Angel being real was a shock to me, and then, having such a person killed..of her own will, by my hand....I felt attrocious, like I could have and should have saved her somehow. I still feel tears coming to my eye when I think of those two...dying within the same minute.
  7. Do not be nervous. Welcome to this fine site. It's great to see people join a growing, thriving community. Feel free to talk to me if you so choose, I can be a great friend. Once more, welcome.
  8. I gotta ask: have you ever tried positive re-enforcement for test subjects? Perhaps the smarter ones would test more effeciently.
  9. Well, both are legitimate forms of art and require different skills to properly use, much less master. Both require a creative mind and an ear for critisizim. Art is a concept, and takes many forms. No matter what, it shall be art, if it expresses a desire, thought or idea through a medium.
  10. I simply wish to have a have a being always there...always there for me, to speak to me. I require a companion. How would i create one? I shall do anything.
  11. As of now, the hardest boss i have yet to slay is Bahamut, Fang's Eidolon, from Final Fantasy XIII. It's absoloute hell...I still don't know what to do to make him yield to me.
  12. Flim and Flam. I LOVE those pitchmen-like people. I bet they could sell their mother's soul for any price and people would buy.
  13. My are not insane...I do not believe that. Insanity is not seeing things that are not physically there, insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. I see my own share of things that, in my heart, I know do not truly exist...but I know I am sane. Your love for Brandy is a love in encourage, in fact. We all seek love, NEED love...I found love in the form of a man I have never met, in real life, and i call him Father. You found love in Brandy.
  14. The MY life? Why...what a curious question. I suppose i could give my answer...though it may be disappointing to others. not believe my life has true meaning: I wake up, i live, i go to sleep...but I truly do not know why. Some times i contemplate why i do not simply end my own life. Then I realize that many people would miss me...people not just close to me, but people who NEED me, and people who will need me in the future. So, i suppose the thing that keeps me alive is an idea: I am a being for the people, a thing to be used by someone else to better their lives. Helping others, being at their aid....if i can die, knowing i have helped someone in some significant way...then I can die without regret. My life's purpose is for everyone else but me.