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The Braeburn Army Enlistment

Harmonic Revelations

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The Braeburn army is allowing enlistments. The only requirement to join is that you understand that Braeburn is best pony and that tortoises are evil.

By joining the Braeburn army you are also agreeing Harmonic Revelations is the best poster ever. No exceptions.

Join today!


We WILL defeat all of the other armies. For we believe in peace, love, and most importantly, Braeburn!


Why should you join Braeburn army? I'll tell you why!

1.) I am the leader, that automatically makes it the best faction.


2.) Everyone is gay for Braeburn.


3.) Joining is the only way to save the forums from the shelled overlords from beyond the gates.


Through devotion to Braeburn we shall ascend and become immortal, taking our place as deities among the stars!

Praise Braeburn!



Braeburn Army:


General of Braeburn-Harmonic Revelations


Braeburn Obsessive (Bane of Tortoises)-Tich


Private of Braeburn-~Lawful Jadefire~


Corporal of Braeburn-Sepia-chan


Private of Braeburn-Suntouched Coco

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