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Were you wrong about something?


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So has anyone ever watched an episode and after words heard an idea from someone about how a character should have looked or an episode idea and you just went, No that would never work. Then you saw a pic, a fan-fic, a animation, or even an episode, and saw that idea and just felt like it did work? 


For me that just happened.


Now for along time now I have been saying that, Baby ponies would look creepy if they had the same big powerpuff girl eyes that every other character in the show has and they look fine with the marble eyes.


Then yesterday I saw this video with baby Twilight. 


Now of course the big eyes were just used to make the scene look cuter and to fit her cutie mark in them. But after seeing this, I thought you a baby character does look cutie with the eyes this way and they could have them in the show and they would look aright.


Do I dislike the marble eyes? No, I still like the marble eyes and I would still like to see the baby ponies with the marble eyes, but I would also be fine now if a baby pony had big eyes.


So has anyone ever admitted being wrong about something in the show or a concept that you thought would never work. 


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Not that I can think of at the moment but there is one thing that I hope I am wrong about and that if twilicorn, the rushed and abrupt nature of the season finale was not very encouraging but I still have some hope that it could still work out.

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