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beat back the cult of lauther with... wubs?


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okay, I was looking through the brilliant world of equestria divided "look it up on deviant art if you like grim dark). anyway, the most twisted faction is the "cult of lauther" a sort of blend of the dark brother hood and a chaos cult (from the elder scrolls and warhammer/40K respectively). I was looking through the unit list, and I saw that the A: had zombies and B: had musical based troops. I thought "alright,lets give the ******* a taste of their own median." so, I came up with the idea that vinyl was chilling at home, and then these twisted ponies start attacking  commence once DJ PON-3 taking on a legion of Zed heads... with wubs. it's a game/story/comic about vinyl fighting for the good of a crap sack equestria with a base cannon. so far, this only exists in my twisted imagination, but if any one is at all interested in it, feel free to ask. I might make it into a story one day...


oh, and here's the URL to the universe: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Equestria-Divided-Cult-of-Laughter-forces-311657856

P.S. I am sorry for any and all spelling mistakes. english is my mother language, and I should do better...

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