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gaming What is the most recent video game you beat?


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Well I have finished the Subspace Emissary on Super Smash Brothers Brawl, but only have about 85% completion. And I did it on normal difficulty. So I havn't really "beat" anything with that game, but at the same time I kind of did.


The last game I fully beat , with 100% percent completion was Super Metroid on SNES. B)


majoras mask on my n64, 3rd time :D


Sweet. That game is awesome.

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haven't played any beatable game since skyrim, although im not sure when could one say that one has beaten skyrim. After completing the main quest? After completing the 6 main storylines? After completing every single non radiant quest? I did complete al 6 storylines, so i'd say i finished it.


Oh, and me di vuelta the internet the other day too

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GOT A LIST! *coughcough*

Duke Nukem Forever (and totally loved it!)

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (PC version from Amaze) (haha XD)

SKYWARD SWORD AHH (have to do Hero Mode now)

ME2 (first time as a Vanguard though!)

Portal 2 (again)

I'm getting a new Xbox (me and my brother killed mine)so no more borrowing my friends to play, whoot!

This has all been this month...wow XD But I did start them in January and December so...

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Mass Effect 3. I was not impressed.


I don't tend to play many single player games these days... mostly multiplayer stuff, really. Can't 'beat' Tribes Ascend. :lol:

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*Scratches head* Last game i beat... Wow i don't think i've beaten a game in ages o_o I think the last one though was the main story in Skyrim. (As for a fully beaten game it has been to long and i can't remember).

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