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My first few humble pony videos


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Many new videos in my channel now






Hi! I'm new here. My intro can be found here:



I'm saying it straightforward: I'm yearning for attention and feedback for the results of my growing creative impulses. img-1400131-1-derpy_emoticon1.png  While creativity for me seems more like a higher command given out of nowhere that I then happily obey, having a significant audience definitely makes it all more rewarding.


I like (crazy) humor, including mildly discordian stuff, and silliness, among SO many other things.



My means and drive are a bit limited at this point, so my video editing is based on VirtualDub and tedious manual tweaking.


I'd be very happy about feedback, and if you can/wish to do, on youtube would be very welcome. I don't want pure fellow-brony-likes or something like that; I value sincerity and openness highly.

If I can entertain you a little, that's cool, and please share the stuff that you like with others.

For your convenience, I wanted to embed my videos here, but it seems the forum software is limited to two embeds. But that's no problem I guess, as I said, visiting the comment pages with the extended video info might be a good idea anyway.

Browse my youtube channel if you're really adventurous. img-1400131-2-img-1379355-5-xtWXQl1.png  You might find the link to my list of all my picture-based creativity since I became a brony.


I have no clue whether subscription numbers have any influence on how big of an audience I can reach, but if they do, that would feel very rewarding.



OK, in chronological order....   INCOMING!



My very first pony video:


These two are video responses. You might want to read the info page. And if you get bored, skip to 2 minutes on the second one. That's where my less 'responsy' addition is.



This one is about general audio editing precision:


I really enjoyed putting this nasty little idea into practice:


Very basic picture editing - I felt a bit like a classic comic artist, editing frame-by-frame.


The madness level increases here. The idea just came to my mind, just the way the video ended up being. I wish I had had better software+skills for this one, though. Could have multiplied the madness.



That's it for now. I have no idea when I will do more and what it will be - I have creative surges, ups and downs. It fluctuates.


Have fun and thank you for your feedback!

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I loved "A Bird In The Bleep". Those kinds of videos always amuse me.


"Here you go Philomena, this will **** you right up."


Subscription numbers will basically be what sustains your audience. In a way, think of it as your core demographic. More subscriptions = more views, more consistently. 

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This would be so much more fun with way more subscribers. Turns out I'm adding stuff quite frequently.

I'm not sure whether EQD takes my quality these days though, haha.


Please visit the video page and my channel if you like!




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I made a new video earlier today...



As always, additional info can be found in youtube description.


Feel free to tell me your thoughts.

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