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Hey! Welcome to Sugarcube Corner. Are you looking for something sweet? This is the right place. There are cupcakes, cookies, cake, and other different types of delicious pastries!



Locations: The kitchen, the basement, Pinkie's room, etc.


About this place -


This is Sugarcube Corner were Pinkie Pie lives, and bakes. Other friendly ponies come to visit for some fresh baked goods. The Cakes are the residents of this place, too.

MLP:FiM - Season 2 Episode 13 "Baby Cakes" - The Cakes were seen on this episode. Pinkie Pie gets to babysit for Carrot Cake and Pound Cake. Pinkie has a hard time doing that responsible job. Pinkie finally set them too bed after that tragedy of Pinkie crying.


Soo, hello!


If you have any questions, feel free to ask! ^_^

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