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Pinkamena Loves Gak! (tru story)


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because jokuc is doing this stuff

Pinkamena and Gak

I do not like Pinkamena or Gak
I do not like them, even when black.
Do not like them here or there
I do not like them anywhere

Not in a house, even with Pinkie Pie's Spouse
Not here or there, not anywhere
I do not like Pinkamena or Gak
I do not like them, no, not even gak.

Could you? Would you? With Chaotic Discord Discord?
Could you? Would you? Saying a lord?
Could you? Would you? With Zoop?
Could you? Would you? While Tickling Swoop?

Not wihile shoving Fluttershy down Twilight's throat, not even with 40 oats
Not while using my brain, not on the ra*e train
Not in a house, not with Pinkie Pie's spouse
Oh, no.

Not even while telling rainbow dash to pick the hawk, not while letting Feld0 have the pony pox.
Not even while having a wedgie, you let me be
I do not like Pinkamena or Gak
I do not like them even when black.

I do not like Pinkamena or Gak.....!

Now go away before I clop to this.



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