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Harmonic Revelations

Humor (Short Story) Grandfather Clock's Romance

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Grandfather Clock was a gentle pony. He had spent most of life life making clocks, and as such, had a bit of extra money to invest in retirement. However, things still felt empty, there was some kind of apple pie shaped hole in his heart. One that had to be filled if he was too be happy.


That was until he saw Granny Smith, she was perfect, beautiful. He had not been able to approach her, but this time he knew he could do it. He noticed that she frequented a specific bar on Fridays, and he was going to go in for the kill.. He adjusted his bow tie with his hooves and started moon walking into the bar, music came on.



Grandfather could feel his hops popping as he slid, but it didn't matter, he was out to impress a pretty lady.


The ponies in the background were clapping to the beat. The lights went off, and he grabbed her and they went into the dance floor, dancing a jig like one that has never been danced before. The stars aligned in such a way that neither of their backs broke spontaneously.


"Let me lead you, beautiful" Grandfather Clock said smoothly, taking the lead of the dance.


They took it slow, they took it in between, to an assortment of music being played in the establishment. They went in for a quick and romantic kiss, their muzzles touched.


Grandfather Clock started talking.

"I've had my eye on you for the longest time. In my old age, I feel empty. But your beautiful face, your noble eyes, it's too much. I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you." He said. Those words came from the bottom of his heart.


"I love you too." Big Mac bellowed back sweetly. That's when Grandfather Clock realized his mistake. He had grabbed Big Mac by mistake. Grandfather Clock immediately dropped. Big Mac out of his arms and sprinted out of the bar, never to return.


A manly tear fell upon Big Mac's cheek at this rejection.


Grandfather Clock ran off and became a Highlander and live out the rest of his life.



The end.

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Haha, i actually thought you where going to do something different with the story, I didn't quite expecting the ending like it was, but thats good because it made me giggle like a school girl :P.


The majority of stuff you post is entertaining to read anyways, this is no exception of course harmy :).

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