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Hiya everypony

Aurora Star

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I'm pretty much new here .. thought Id intro myself to the brony's and pegasisters x3 'Im Aurora Star ! pleasure to meet you all . I've been a pegasister for a few months now . I didn't even think I would like the show (I didn't like it as a little girl) but its awesome . The show earn my full respect because of the Metal Gear episode xD but anywho .. Looking forward to making some friends . Most of my friends refuse to watch the show or gave it a shot and didn't like it . Would nice to fan girl with some people hehe    :derp:


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Great to meet you, Aurora Star. Welcome to mlpforums! :) Friendliest place on the interwebs.


There's no shortage of fun and friends here, so dive right in! We're always happy to help, so feel free to ask when you need it.


Hope to see you around.


Oh! And the traditional greeting, too  :P :


Edit: I've been ninja'd, but glad to see you're already giving out that greeting, Song Fire  :squee:

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welcome to the forum!

making a few friends shouldn't be hard out here, everybody is super nice and friendly :D

as some users above me already said: if you ever need any help, feel free to ask me, or any other member on the forum.

hope to see you posting around!

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Welcome, it's always nice to see a new face in the herd :) 


If you need a friend or someone to help show you around then feel free to add me :P 


Either way, enjoy your stay =] 

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A big brotherly welcome to the forums Aurora Star!

Nice Stonershy ya got there mate. :comeatus:


Happy you found your way to our little section of the interwebs. I'm sure you'll make tons of awesome friends here if you just throw out a hand... hoof? (Wait what does that even mean?)


What I mean to say is, enjoy your stay. :derp:

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Hey there Aurora welcome to the forums! Glad to have you!


Glad to hear you gave the show a second chance and liked it! 


And while i can't fangirl out with you, unless you plan on magically changing my gender, i hope my being male will suffice ;p.


Have a great time! And any questions you have feel free to ask!

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