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Which pony would you take?


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I saw this gif and I wanted to ask you guys something:

Imagine that you're just walking down the street and you see a box with a sign saying 'free ponies, take one.' And inside is any pony seen in the show. Who would you take home to live with you?


(As for me, I love Fluttershy but I don't think she'd like the city very much. I'd probably take Scootaloo)

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..Princess Celestia or Luna.

If they could fit in a box that size, that is.

(We're going to need a big box..)

If it had to be someone else, It'd probably be Twilight, Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash.

My personality kind of reminds me of them.

Don't worry, their godlike powers allow them to access any box.


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Probably Skylar Derpy....

I love her eyes.  :wub:

She would be fine here, big area to fly around. :derp:

(And she could probably not break anything.)

And I could use her cutie mark as an excuse to get muffins. :D

Just make sure that box doesn't contain any sharp items.


I died a little inside. (A lot)

Celestia noooooo!  :(

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Who put the box where it is wouldn't be there when i pass by that street,so i will just pick both (if in the box there are two ponies as how it is shown in the gif) 

If i have to pick only one it would probably be Fluttershy or Luna

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What kind of twisted person would leave adorable ponies out in the street? It's dangerous out there. I'm taking them all home to protect them.


Alright, if I could only take one pony home, I'll take in Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Trixie, or Braeburn home. Most likely Twilight.

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I wish all of them was a choice.

But for one I'm not sure.

Either Twilight because she's best pony, Rarity because fabulous,

Pinkie Pie because she's a happy pony, Fluttershy because she's too cute :3, or Big Mac because he my waifu :wub:

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