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Shout-outs, References, and Coincidental Irony

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Just a topic where you can post and talk about things you saw in other media or IRL that could be any of the titular things. I'll go first.


There's a town near me by the name of Lindale, it's only a couple miles away. For a while now, they've had a store called Pinkie Pie's Boutique. Even before I was a brony, I questioned whether the owners knew about MLP or if this was serendipity. So today, I'm driving through town on my way to a job interview. The shop is right on the corner where a red light is, so while I'm stopped there, I casually look out my window. That's when I notice that a new business has opened up next door to it. Fatt Apple Catering, with a big red apple emblazoned on the window. Fatt Apple Catering right next door to Pinkie Pie's Boutique. Is this merely coincidence or are these business owners doing it intentionally? I'll see if I can't get a picture later.

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That's the spirit, although I think that's ponies referencing the parable rather than the other way around. The Lion and the Mouse is a well-known fable attributed to Aesop, though I think there's several iterations of it. Basically, a mouse manages to become friends with the lion who was about to eat it by taking a thorn from its paw. The lesson being a little kindness goes a long way or something like that. Still counts though because I never specified which way the references had to go and it's nice to find out about the source material.


Well, Pinkie Pie's Boutique specializes in women clothing and it shares the last name. Can't say more, though, because I've never actually entered the place. I'll keep you updated if anything shows up. Unfortunately, my pictures I took with my phone were crap.

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I'll have to check. There's also a music store next to them, can't remember the name though. You could probably very loosely connect it to Vinyl Scratch and/or Octavia but I probably wouldn't take note of it if it weren't for the two other stores.



I don't think I'm familiar with that Aesop. Mind if I ask for a summary? If ypu wouldn't mind.

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