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So You're Looking For A Roommate....

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Fair enough sometimes a hotel room is a bit much for one brony's wallet but hey friendship is magic so here's the place to find a friend to share in the expense.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking to share a room

1) Most hotels have a limitation as to how many people should be in a room. This limit is usually 4.
2) Be sure to take or secure your belongs if you leave the room.

3) Keep your valuable merch/"things to be signed" in hard shell cases so accidents don't happen

4) Be courteous to your roommates and BATHE and wear deodorant!
5) Remember the person who's name the hotel room is registered under has to be there in person to check in. Make sure that person doesn’t arrive way after you!

6) Be sure to ask for extra room keys at the desk.

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