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MLP Forums Resource Map

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Of Pinned Topics, Mega Threads & Useful Links!


Hello, everypony, and welcome to the reimagining of our forum's fabled Resource Map - reimagined by the original master himself, ~C. Discord~.

If you're new here, and that's pure gibberish to you, please do read on and learn all about our forum's various information topics!


This page serves as a hub for all of our forum's important pinned topics - including but not limited to rules, guidelines, forum-specific information, key function topics and Mega Threads, which are generally fun topics that everyone can interact with. This is not a list of any and all pinned threads across the site, nor is it a constantly updated list of announcement topics that will become old news rather quickly. It is a comprehensive list of pinned topics that all new members should familiarize themselves with at one point or another along their travels across the site, which stand as relevant topics regardless of thier original post date.

Please bare in mind that this page, much like our Global Rules and FAQ is a living document, and is thus subject to edits and change as time goes on. Also know that the 'Conventions' category will not be included in this guide, as these forums are very situational, and are not a key factor of our site's daily navigation.

Quite the List of Very Important Pinned Topics:

* The headers below refer to our forum categories, whereas the spoilered links underneath denote topics by forum section.

* Links highlighted in bolded blue are staff-posted threads that contain rules or guidelines.

* Links that are highlighted in bolded red are description or 'welcome' topics for that particular forum section.

~ Canterlot ~

~ Events ~

On-forum hosted events, be they yearly or on-going! Be sure to read into their topics to get a better idea of how you too can get involved!

~ Poniverse ~

Entities created and run alongside the existence of MLP Forums. While some of their on-forum sections are rather desolate, you will find more activity on their respective Discord servers, outside sites, etc!

~ My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ~

How could we forget why we're all here? Discuss the show, the fandom and everything in-between! Nothing here but us Mega Threads!

~ Octavia's Hall ~

The FiM fandom doesn't have a repuation for being one of the most creative fandoms in history for no reason!

~ Roleplay World ~

It's a unique world of imagination! I've always liked to think of RP's as writing a story, just with two authors on a time share.


~ Beyond Equestria ~

Let's face it, ponies aren't everything. Here's where you go to talk about life's plethora of other topics!

Some Other Vital Information:

Some Key Links:

* The Global Rules denote rules across the entire site, including in PM messages.

* The FAQ is an ongoing effort to answer common questions and inquiries; contact a staff member if you have suggestions!

* Speaking of contacting staff members, here's a list of the forum's current staff.

* The Calendar lists all kinds of things going on, from jovial little 'today is' days, to upcoming events hosted on-forum. Do keep up with it!

Getting Support:

* Click the Support button in the forum's header menu to fill out support requests in the department you need aid in.

* If you do not have access to your account, you can directly email the staff via the emails below.


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