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Welcome to Show Discussion (Updated for S8)


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Section Specific Rules

Spoilers - You must discuss spoilers in the Season 9 Spoiler Forum not here

Leaks - Content that was illegally leaked is allowed to be discussed, but no leaks (images, articles, and videos) should be linked. 

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Welcome to Show Discussion

Want to discuss your latest theory as to the current state of Equestrian economic providence? Can't wait to share your new psychological character analysis of Twilight Sparkle? In this place you will find discussions, posts, threads, and polls that are directly related to Friendship is Magic.

Please note that focused discussion and reviews of specific episodes should be constrained to the appropriate threads within the Episode Discussion sub-forums:
- Season 1
- Season 2
- Season 3
- Season 4
- Season 5
- Season 6
- Season 7
- Season 8

Not sure how or where to get started? The first thing you should do is to give the rules a quick look over, once you've done that, you can look below for a select list of popular threads that cover a variety of topics and interests - no matter who you are, or what you like, there's sure to be something for you!

Current Episode Airing:



Debate, discussion, and speculation:

Why does Equestria Girls get so much hate?

FIM to be removed from Netflix August 16

Swedish Nickelodeon to air the rest of the season before the end of this month

Early Seasons vs. Newer Seasons?

Why does Equestria Girls get so much hate?

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If there has to be a Queen to be a Princess why is there no Queen

Hopes for Season 8.

Are Fluttershy and Discord more than just friends?

Will they leak another season again?

Do you think the mane 6 ever got a reward?
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Not sure how things work? Have any questions, comments, or concerns about the forum?

For any feedback or suggestions you may have, you can post them all here in the the Feedback & Suggestions forum. Please feel free to start a thread there if you have any suggestions or ideas for ways to improve the site, or would simply like to offer feedback on your experience.

If you have any questions, concerns or other issues, don't hesitate to open up a Support Ticket; the staff are standing by and always happy to help you out with any concern big or small.

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Thread has been updated to current standards

Things I've changed:

• Debate, Discussion, and Speculation had links changed out

• Hypothetical links are changed out

• Added "Current Episode Airing" Section

• Updated to Season 8

• Fixed "Rules" link


I will most likely exchange the links for Debate, Discussion, Speculation and Hypothetical out bi-monthly so I can keep it sort of current.

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As promised, I have updated a few links. I will try to keep on doing this every two weeks or so when I have the time to do so. Any more updates to this thread will just be me editing this current post with new information.

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