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  1. Yep... that's an error all right. Good catch, @Sunamena, and thank you for pointing it out! I'll see to it that it gets fixed. Out of curiosity, were you perchance looking for a $20 subscription tier (or any other amount)?
  2. I sent an alert to the opsponies including a link to this very post. Thanks for mentioning you're experiencing a problem - I'll note that this one appears to be related to an ongoing server problem on our end and not the original subject of this thread. Unfortunately, everyone who'd be able to investigate this is either sleeping or otherwise occupied by their "real lives" at the moment so it might be a few hours before someone can deal with it. We get a lot out of our (tiny) budget but sadly, we end up in this situation sometimes when we lack the funding for professional staff and certain
  3. Out of curiosity, what gives you the impression that MLP Forums will be around "for quite awhile"? I have every hope of it being a long-lasting site myself too - I don't ask this to cast doubt on that. But I'm very curious to hear what gives you that impression as a user, what your ideas about a site's longevity are rooted in. It is a good impression to have; you could say I have a vested interest in knowing what creates it as we all tend to like investing ourselves emotionally and temporally into things with staying power.
  4. What if these problems didn't exist and they crowdsourced ideas from fans anyway? Now we get into the truly fun possibilities of this thread. (I split this from my previous post because it goes into a different albeit equally relevant line of conversation - this way you can quote my posts separately to respond more neatly to either one.) The first thing that came to my mind is how cool it would be for Fallout: Equestria to become the basis of an "MLP for Adults" franchise. The second thing I thought of was how various fanon ideas about alicorns could be incorporated into the officia
  5. While it's somewhat well known that MLP's creative team is under orders to avoid reading fanfictions, I DID find evidence that someone in "Big Corporate" IS, in fact, watching MLP Forums. I can't prove if it is or isn't Hasbro, and this thread as mostly about speculating for fun what they could be after if they were. With that said, there is someone monitoring us and there is reason to speculate that it is someone at Hasbro. Read on for what I know: The "someone is watching us" evidence is logs that indicate a bot belonging to a company called Brandwatch crawls this site. I
  6. Twilight Sparkle ✨

    A Little Oc Icon

    Cute blep! This looks like a pony enjoying life. Are their eyelids painted or is that their natural colouring? Not a detail I've seen much on ponies before. I also adore the two-tone coat with the white underside, and the little shawl this pon is wearing. I'm curious to see and learn more about them!
  7. That's a beautiful rendition of Izzy; thank you for sharing it with us, @jorge123esp. Her coat colour looks like Pipp's but it looks like you intended to brighten up the character in general - the electric blue mane contrasts wonderfully with that pink. I love the life you've given to her - I can just imagine her giving us an comforting, inspirational pep talk while that elegant mane cheerfully bounces about. Makes me wanna squee!
  8. Woo! Glad you like the idea of keeping this organized, too @Kujamih. Sorry for getting the names mixed up - all I did was "borrow" the titles of the other threads but I'm more than happy to teach you how to organize it yourself. To edit the list in the OP, do the following: Find the "Edit" menu in this thread's first post: Use the "Link" tool to edit or insert a link (it does both): A modal will appear in which you can set up the link!
  9. Hey @Kujamih - this looks like a really fun project! I love it when creative shenanigans between users arise on MLP Forums and plan to read through it myself. In the spirit of bringing more attention to awesome fan work, I tracked down your other Fail Safe threads, gave all of them the new "Fail Safe (comic)" tag, and added a few links to this thread's OP to make it as easy as possible for anyone who comes here to find the actual comic. If this is meant to serve as the general "hub thread" for the series, think you could keep that list up to date? Or if that's too much work, I'd app
  10. I know of a few people who love dakis and would probably be quite interested, given the art style is to their liking. There are also new fans coming into this fandom all the time, even if the pace is slower than before, who very well might get excited about a pretty oversized pillow with their new favourite character on it. There isn't enough Tallight Sparkle in the world; I totally wouldn't buy the Tartarus out of a beautiful pillow showing off the elegance of Twilight's final form in Season 9, nope.
  11. This is some grade-A sleuthing work you've done, @Dreamstar Moonlight; and I'm super happy to see it here in the form of a thread! I plan to keep it pinned and featured for at least a few days as a resource we can all rely on to get up to speed with all things G5. I expect to have more thoughts on the topic later, after rest and work and other IRL commitments, but I want to leave a few notes with my impressions! One, I found it quite interesting to learn about how many times it turned out that some rumoured G5 leak turned out be seemingly real. Quite a lot of random things leaked out
  12. Looks awesome! The thread is now pinned and featured! It appears that uploading GIFs is bugged with our software right now for some reason; I'll follow up with the developers later as I have to sign off now. But, I did find another copy of the same GIF that was uploaded elsewhere on MLPF and added that into your forum post! So I hope it looks good now.
  13. Hey @Dreamstar Moonlight - this is an incredibly good, detailed post that comes at a fantastic time for the G5 hype ramping up. Thank you for making the effort to put all this information together! Could I please ask that you repost it as a new thread on the G5 forum and @mention me please? You should be able to do this by copy-pasting the contents of this blog post into a new forum thread, and I'll pin it as soon as I see it. I want to bring visibility to this by making it into a pinned thread there and by featuring it on our homepage - it'll have a lot more staying power than a blo
  14. Big pipes indeed, yes - measured in terabits. Earth will have bigger problems than MLP Forums being spotty if someone manages to knock our host offline... Thanks for sharing your experience with Cloudflare. It's nice to hear a success story about it! Out of curiosity, has all your experience with Cloudflare been on their paid plans? They advertised layer 7 protection as a "Business and up" (>$200 USD/mo) feature last time I looked into this, and the free tier's main option for mitigating such attacks meant placing the site behind irritating interstitial pages with sometimes-barel
  15. Nope; not even close. MLP Forums has been DDoS-attacked so many times over the years that we long ago stopped keeping count. Due to the defences we have in place, the vast majority of such attacks come and go with no impact other than the attackers' wallets lightening up and those of the criminals who run their botnets becoming a little heavier.
  16. I appreciate your intent of looking out for your fellow MLPF users. Without commenting on any particular account, including the one you're referring to, I want to say that the connection issue you experienced was almost certainly the result of the DDoS attack itself and not anything specific to any one account. Coincidental random fluke. Unless you happened to try accessing several profiles repeatedly and consistently observed the connection drop on just one - I really, really want to hear about it if that's what you observed.
  17. We don't use Cloudflare's "protection" for several reasons but, above all, because it has historically caused us more downtime than it ever prevented - it's been tried a few times here over the years. I know their marketing is slick and many other sites use them but I've found their free product creates a false sense of security, makes promises it can't keep, and generally creates more problems than it solves. Almost like security theatre. Our "real IPs" are public but this doesn't worry us because our datacenter is effective at stopping the kinds of attacks that knowledge of a site's "re
  18. Thanks for sharing your perspective. Conversations are the lifeblood of forum communities and, while blogs and statuses are "just" other ways to have conversations, it's good intel to have that as a user, they kinda disappear from your world. This isn't great when you're looking for more conversations to participate in! It is also not-great if you're the one writing up a blog entry in particular and hope to expose it to as many interested people as possible. I'm still happy to hear other perspectives on this too like @WWolf's and anyone else's. If you ask me, there exists opportunity to r
  19. Can you please share more about this? I know MLP Forums didn't always have blogs and I'm curious what your experience with this encouragement of moving certain topics into them has been like from your perspective. In particular, I wonder if it ever feels like it stifles your or others' efforts at conversation at all.
  20. The ponies that founded MLP Forums were veterans in the community management game and found many of the behaviours you described to be problematic in nurturing and maintaining an inviting, pleasant community. Human Pony attention span is finite so even if users don't "give in" to the psychological temptation to increment that counter next to their posts, it'll still constantly pull attention away from it and make one notice it a little. I'd rather that attention be directed toward the contents of the thread and personalities of its participants. It's no coincidence as well that post count
  21. Derp; I just encountered said thread - I found this blog post first. Sounds like you already thought of this and I'm preaching to the choir. Share it forth! Bring it all here. May our Glorious Solar Goddess watch benevolently over us all.
  22. Welcome back, Harmonic! It's as heartwarming to see old users returning as it is to have newponies joining MLPF for the first time. You had excellent taste in Celestia art that I look forward to being graced by again. 7 years is a really long time, wow - you, I, and this site are all so.... old now! Long enough for people to change and for bygones to be bygones, I say; I'm glad to see you getting a chance to enjoy MLP Forums again as I know this place meant a lot to you and you have a lot of good to offer it. Although you aren't exactly "new," may I suggest starting a Welcoming
  23. The "rank badge" under your avatar (that starts at Blank Flank, then progresses through Muffin > Cupcake > etc.) is meant as a fun replacement for in-thread post counters that rewards you with a progression of new badges as you make more posts over time but without emphasizing the specific number as an important piece of information for all the world to know while reading your content. The FAQ page that contains the list is sadly broken at the moment (there's lots to still fix up that broke during the upgrade) but here's a partial screenshot of the list from the admin panel: T
  24. This is an interesting datapoint! It contradicts various posts I found on PayPal's own forums that state you can't use PayPal without providing a phone number. I'd appreciate if you could answer some or all of the following questions in the hope of generating communal wisdom: When did you sign up for PayPal? Which country is your PayPal account based in? Do you recall PayPal ever asking you for a phone number (or demanding it) during signup, verification, login, payments, or at any other point? If yes, how did you bypass the request?
  25. @Treeglow Flicker I'm one of the ponies who does "money things" around here and I sympathize with your disdain for cellphones. I was unaware until your post that PayPal required a mobile number and would love to have a detailed conversation with you to explore alternatives to it. I'm not the greatest fan of PayPal myself but we use it due to popular demand and because it's "easy" (it issues payments "to" email addresses and tends to cost less than wire transfers). I agree that in principle, a bank account should suffice for handling one's financial affairs and that it's silly to require
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