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  1. I finally caught up on FIM YAY!

  2. He is not really an enemy but the butler from Tomb raider 2 he would follow you around the property and you would hear his ice cubes and not know where he was. He used to scare the living day lights out of me and still does. =.
  3. I like the show i just watch them sometimes when i am bored, since Disney channel is rerun central. it is an ok show and has some funny moments i would check it out if you have not.
  4. On the whole entire list you do not have punching it to death the closest thing is sword but you should still have punching it to death or perhaps beating it with a stick?
  5. (\ EEK my first virtual brohoof thanks guys, again i am just so happy right now you people make my day
  6. There are just so much more casual gamers today and they want it to appeal to them since well there are so much more! Its is all about money the companies want their games to appeal to everyone so everyone plays it and it is popular.
  7. why is my welcoming post so popular? well it may not be to you but it sure seems like that to me
  8. So long, anyway thanks again guys i am going to go catch up on some friendship is magic!
  9. I would be very let down since i have just joined the community and i am liking it very much so far. I am pretty sure i could manage without the show but it is still awesome and it would be very sad to have it gone forever.
  10. wow i am getting overwhelmed i have never had so many people greeting me at once, the brony community really is great!
  11. Thanks guys i look forward to more episodes and much more forums to discuss!
  12. ponies,ponies are on my mind

  13. Of course you are a brony is a brony no matter how young or old however a 80 year old man liking my little pony is kind of creepy but still a brony is a brony.
  14. i just joined this website and i am sort of a new comer to the brony community i am currently on episode 16 of my little pony friendship is magic. Just came to say hello!