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  1. You have a choice of what you are going to do during an afternoon in Equestria(you can be any race you want to be). Rainbow Dash wants to go see the Wonderbolt race in Las Pegasus. Rarity wants to go to shop and then have lunch in Cantorlot. Pinkie Pie has a party planned and wants your help. Fluttershy has to take the yearly bunny census and wants help. Applejack is having a picnic with her family and wants you to join her. Twilight wants to go to the Crystal empire to go look at the library, she hasn't had time to explore it. What do you do with what person and why.
  2. Starlight24

    Your OCs Theme Song

    After all I am unwritten to a point. Plus I find the idea of an ankh in my OC unwritten. And I can feel the rain on my skin or coat to be precise.
  3. Starlight24

    What Grade Is Everypony In?

    I wanted to be a vet... I HAVE TO TEACH KIDS. But it can be fun after you get used to the screaming and hollering. Why couldn't I teach some students in senior year.
  4. Well I am going to go over there now. HEHE no trouble intended. Just going to head over there to the role-play section. Again I don't want trouble Well my cousin has a zebra my sister has an earth pony (iwwwww) and my best friend has a changeling. And because Rainbow Dash is so popular people just want to be her.
  5. Starlight24

    Haters Wanting to Execute Bronies: Your Reaction?

    While I would LOVE SO MUCH for every pony to change that would be hard. He should try and have them both embrace difference. Also when bronies are just on and on and on (run on sentence intended) about the show we can cause some hate.
  6. Starlight24

    Hello Everypony!

    cuteness contest the winner gets well you tell me because i am stumped... WELL 123 GO!!!!
  7. Starlight24

    Hello Everypony!

    Welcome and may you feel at home because this is the best site ever this should be your reaction to this site: (Remember that no matter what sugarcube corner is the best place on this site)
  8. Starlight24

    What will you duty be?

    You are now an alicorn prince/princess born of Luna or Celestia(Your choice). So answer who will be you parent(if you want to father), what will you do as a royal. I for one WILL RULE WITH AN IRON FIST AND MAKE SURE NO ONE DOES ANYTHING OF CRULE NATURE OR TO THE DUNGEON!!!!!!!1
  9. Starlight24

    A new friend.

    You can meet your favorite pony but there is a cost. You must sacrifice something in turn you can meet your favorite pony. You must tell what you will sacrifice, and who you will meet. I would sacrifice my horn and magic to make me able to meet Rarity. Knowing how I was forced to grow up in the most elegant country Rarity and I will be great friends.
  10. With season 4 right around the corner I will ask how will twilight handle the new wings and new power. She is now a princess and may have a say in the law. Will she be helpless to the stress and give up. Will she try to hard like in lesson zero. Or will she not use her power. Will Rainbow teach her how to fly or will she learn on her own. Are there still going to be letters at the end of the episodes. No pony knows but we can always wonder.
  11. Starlight24

    How will you transform?

    Discover a powerful historic magic TAKE OVER EQUSTRIA AND MAKE IT FALL TO ITS KNEES. Of course I will stop you know like you do.
  12. Starlight24

    How will you transform?

  13. Starlight24

    How will you transform?

    If you drink more than one you will get extra horn. MAGIX ALL THE THINGS. FIND ME MY RED COW WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  14. Starlight24

    How will you transform?

    Redcow gives you a horn. I don't know any more. I am just not being original. Oh well. so much to write. why must it be a 100 minimum. Hi.
  15. Starlight24

    How will you transform?

    You are a normal pony but you must tell what would you master to turn you in to an Alicorn. You can transform by mastering you special talent. For example Twilight Sparkle mastered magic and then got wings. I would show my self as a worthy protector of Equestria. I would always remain loyal for the land of the unicorns, pegisi and earth ponies.