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  1. JustinTime_


    BUGS. I HATE bugs. Mostly spiders. They creep me out. If I see a spider on my wall, I get my stuff and sleep on the couch. I'm pretty sure everyone hates spiders.
  2. JustinTime_

    Facebook OR Youtube?(which is better)

    Youtube is turning into Facebook. :c Well, It's google + But It's trying to copy Facebook and they failed miserably and Youtube is becoming Shittube. I will say Youtube. As long as they don't ruin EVERYTHING.
  3. JustinTime_


    @Bennythesloth_ I don't post much ponies. Just funny pics. So follow me, and if you comment on a picture i'll follow you. YEEEAAAAHHHH!
  4. JustinTime_

    My first pony drawing.

    So, I don't really draw much. I don't really know much about art but I know alot of ponies here do! I drew Fluttershy, and I thaught it came out ok. But im not really artsy so I wouldn't know What do you think of it?
  5. JustinTime_

    How Old Do You Think The Person Above You Is?

    Im guessing 15.
  6. JustinTime_

    Destroy the Picture Above You!

    Nobody can destory me.
  7. JustinTime_

    Post some funny OC!

    This isn't a thread to post custom ponies (Unless it's a comic or something) Post some OC like this! It doesn't have to involve ponies :3 It can be anything ;D
  8. JustinTime_

    Am I the only one who gets shy around their own relatives?

    Im shy around everyone, haha. Except people I see everyday. Like my mom of course. But yeah, I am a pretty shy person. It's totally fine.
  9. JustinTime_

    What do you do on weekends?

    Hello bronies and pegasisters ! So, what are you guys doing this weekend? I want to know :3 Post a picture or something! This is what im doing, Im in a really good mood right now :3 It's so dark. I don't know why
  10. JustinTime_

    what do your parents think of mlp

    Today I bought some pony toys. Yeah, I was going to pay for them but she did. She doesn't really think it's weird. She is just scared that im going to run into a pedophile that likes to do 'things' to the ponies (Her exact words) She is overprotective lol.