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  1. LazuriteDreams*

    General Media The Recommendation Thread

    Other recommendations: Ah my goddess!-This is such a good anime. All of the characters are so funny and likable, even the villains. One of my favorite romance/fantasy animes. Any Makoto Shinkai film- Just watch them. No need saying else, his animations are gorgeous. They're like another Ghibli. Dragon's Nest- A good RPG. Just started playing it and it's quite fun. I recommend to anyone who likes fantasy MMORPGs. Steven Universe-Another good animated series. Ok I guess I'll watch more of it. But I really like the show's music too.
  2. LazuriteDreams*

    General Media The Recommendation Thread

    I only seen 2 episodes of RWBY. xD What do you think about it? Is it good?
  3. LazuriteDreams*

    General Media The Recommendation Thread

    Anything? Well.... I kinda want to recommend two bands: Supercell and Panic! At the Disco. These two bands are amazing and I totally recommend it to anyone who likes rock bands! And if anyone have some good animated films to recommend that would be nice. edit: Okay there's this movie I think you should watch called "The Last Unicorn" I think that's a really good movie.
  4. Maybe you just heard it as a rumor someone made up. Meghan often would joke around sometimes so she wouldn't go that far. But don't think she's not going to be in S5. Please don't listen to some fake rumor/troll post.
  5. Wait, whaaaa. Wait, where did you get this from? Wherever you got it from, I don't think it's true. Meghan is probably just joking around(sometimes she'll do that lol). Applejack is one of the main characters so of course she'll be in S5!!
  6. The Reflections Arc from the comics: I'm surprised that some fans don't like this series. I don't know why, but I actually like that story! I just really liked how they portrayed Celestia and Sombra's relationship, it's so sweet. And I like the idea of the mirror reflected ponies. However, I was a bit upset that I didn't see the Alt. Mane 6. Trixie: Okay at first I wasn't fond of Trixie(it's not that I didn't like her I just didn't know so much about her) But then I read the recent comic issue #22 and I started to like her because of that. Flash Sentry: Eeyup. *puts on magic shield* pl
  7. When I was little, I used to be a HUGE fan of Rugrats and I still am! Others shows like that I like: Steven Universe Chowder Code Lyoko Digimon Sailor Moon Sonic X Dexter's Lab Billy and Mandy Little Bear Old Fairly Odd Parents (including the original classic shorts) My Life As A Teenage Robot...the list could go on, but these were some shows I like And does anyone remember a show called Oban Star Racers? I remember getting up at 4 am just to watch that.
  8. I'm currently re-watching Cardcaptor Sakura! And it's still good as I remember it! Sakura's voice is too cute though
  9. Well if you want to get more involved with Sailor Moon in the media, there's a forum for that! Galaxy Cauldron forums is the fan forum for all SM fans! Anyone is welcome there, whether you liked the anime, the musical, the live adaptation, or the the original manga! Here's the link: http://www.thegalaxycauldronforums.com/forum Sailormoonnews is a fansite that usually post news of SM in the media and other updates: http://sailormoonnews.com/ As for SM episodes, Viz currently got the license to SM and SM crystal so you can watch the episodes on their site or on hulu and crunchyroll!
  10. Whoa Venus and Mars! I didn't notice they were there!
  11. Sakura's voice is hecka cute. :P

  12. My first time re-watching this show in sub. Since I only saw the dub first. The only time I watched it in JP was the movies. :P

  13. Re-watching CCS right now.Just as good as I remember it.

  14. It was in the issue #8. And if you want to see more Sailor Scout easter eggs, then read the Celestia micro!
  15. Lol. Hey, it' funny because Mercury is also in the comics. Did you take the portal to Equestria, Ami? xD
  16. LazuriteDreams*

    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    I'm back in the Pinkie fan club here to just post more fanart: art not by me
  17. Funny you mentioned it: I had not one,not two, but oddly,three pony dreams! The first one: I actually dreamed that I was sitting in the library. Don't know what I was doing. (I think I was reading or looking for a book). Then suddenly these older kids start yelling at me for no reason and picked on me and then suddenly I saw a shadow and heard loud yelling. The older kids ran away. As I turned around, I seen a dark blue alicorn;It was Luna. She seemed angry but then she cheered up..and I don't remember the rest. The second one: This one I barely remember but I think I was sitting down
  18. LazuriteDreams*

    Luna Fan Club

    Well I'm just going to come here and post this: The animation in this vid is amazing and I remember this song. I usually don't post mlp fan pmvs (I do like some of them though). But this was just too good.
  19. Oh yeah did I also mention in the MLP comics, there are Sailor Scout cameos? xD And then there's these two:
  20. Yeah I had to check to make sure it's this week. And I'd like to see the Neo Senshi drawing!
  21. My favorite of the mane6 and the most adorkable. She is like me I can relate to her: I like learning new things and I squeal about things. And sometimes I do focus too much on hobbies or learning about them. We're both nerds xP Whenever I need to work on studying more, I act like her. And now she is also a princess at that. Because princesses are cool. Let's welcome our adorkable ruler of Equestria! And I think she and Flash make an adorable pairing ^^
  22. LazuriteDreams*

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    I was going through videos of old Sailor Moon and I came across this: Tuxedo Mirage by Peach Hips. I can't stop humming this song. Especially the chorus part. The chorus is amazing. Anyone who likes SM probably knows this song. There's an amazing English cover if you want to listen to that too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2p1saMrak5U
  23. I just cannot wait for Act 4 of Crystal this Saturday! Just so they include this scene:
  24. Dang it Peach Hips and your beautiful choir singing choruses!! >.<

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