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  1. no they just replied they said they will change it as soon as possiblee
  2. Nonono im saying i will alow up to 10 unicorns into the school. You can be the first unicorn in if you like. You dont have to change into a pegasus, we will let you in as a unicorn
  3. A rare occasion to have a unicorn is allowed. at most 10. Would you like to be the first? I remember reading the book in kindergarden but i didnt know there was a movie
  4. Lizzie looks at Dean and can see him swooning and emediatly blushes Twilight: Ummmm.... OK! Lets get you back to that portal before any more of that hapens everypony then let out a giggle as they watched Dean snap out of his staring. As they were walking, Dean stayed behind, because he was lost in thought. Every one-in-a-while sam would have to make him hurry up as everyone giggled
  5. Yes you may That woud be wonderful ill try to find a rainbow dash. Not gonna be very easy most likely
  6. ya. Do you know anyone that might like to be a rainbow dash?
  7. Candy Blossom
  8. Someone please join my RP

    1. Snow Frostflame

      Snow Frostflame

      hey Elizabeth... we're kinda waiting on you to make a decision... you haven't responded to our message yet

  9. Soo... I started a new RP and only one person has joined.

  10. RP Link Cloudsdale High Welcome to Cloudsdale High. An RP for all Pegasus and/or Alicorns to go to school, meet friends, and possible drama. Anyone is allowed to join, as long as they are a Pegasus or an Alicorn. Also you don't have to be a pony from the show. If you want to, you can make your own pony. Rules Must be a Pegasus or an Alicorn to join. (sorry unicorns and earth ponys) No cussing Be respectful Do NOT be inappropriate (Dating is allowed) Player List Lizzie Gold Teacher, Miss Liz littlecandylulu903 Dumbbell windyislove Windy sunshineshimmer231 Sunshine Shimmer