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  1. I have not been here in such a long time. I haven't been in forums for such a long time and I think I want to start again. I'm restarting things that I have planned and now I will be moving forward. I put off a lot of things like my art, my Youtube channel (which really is nonexistent), my projects.

    I am currently working on a sewing project that you may or may not see at cons for all to see! I won't say what it is or who it is for. I'll let you know when I finished it and it's in their hands. It is theirs to show off.

    I am back to doing artwork! I have started doing a bit more art projects that I put aside, mainly my "creator with creation" series where I draw some of the more prominent fans in the MLP community as humans with their OC's. I also am also creating "stain glass quilts" which is basically me making patterns for quilts and they turn out to look like they are made from stain glass. I currently do not have a commission list or prices yet. That may appear in the future. 

    Youtube. I have been toying with the idea of doing a youtube channel for such a long time. In fact, I had this idea since MLP fim's second season. I just never felt like I was good enough and I didn't want to voice my opinions because they were a little different. I wish I did, but in any case. Now is the time I will be starting again with my current OC. I will be keeping the "NeighingNanny" title. I had been toying with the idea of changing it, but I think I'll keep it. Easy to remember and a bit unique. I don't have a current schedule up for videos yet but I plan to upload once a week. And I also plan to livestream when I do an art piece. I will post on all my social media when I do. 

    I plan to be more active here. I am eager to talk with people more about MLP and see how people are inspired by it. I won't be posting any art work here. It will all be on my Devianart. 

    Due to finances, I won't be going to any cons, so unless you live in the DC area, it will be near impossible to meet up.

    I know this might sound like I am full of myself and already have delusion of grandeur, but this is really just my goals written down for my own reminder. This here is mainly for me to keep myself accountable.

  2. So, whether or not you know, it is my birthday today! Yay! I am officially 27 years old and.... eh... I had a good day. We had a huge yard sale and sold a lot of stuff, but there was still a ton left over. I'm having another one next week. Then we went to a Chinese restaurant and ate lots of good food. Now my sister is baking me a cake! I'm not really big on celebrating my birthday much anymore. Mostly because my birthday tends to come during the year when people can join with me to celebrate. After many, many failed attempts, I kinda just gave up and treated it like a normal day. I don't think I want to plan my birthdays because I get stressed and then I'm not happy because no one really comes. So, I just let it go and if someone else plans something, then that's fine. I really appreciate everyone around me whether they know it's my birthday or not.
  3. I just posted something up and I realized that I only come to these forums when I've been so bottled up that I need to burst... I swear I needed to watch that episode... but it's a different kind of bottled up. Instead of anger, it's loneliness and being unable to express it and not sure where to go with it. Hopefully I'll be in the forums more often.
  4. I'm so freakn' lonely and it's getting worse by the day... I guess if I spent more time here in the forums it wouldn't be so bad for me...

    1. Rebel Brony 42

      Rebel Brony 42

      Why are you lonely?

    2. NeighingNanny


      Well, there aren't that many people I connect to where I live. I've lived in this small town for a year now and honestly, I don't know how to really connect with people through the internet. Not anymore since I became an adult.

  5. I'm going to CMPC in the Summer! I'm excited and planning now!

  6. Wow, I haven't been here since... September... An didn't update since Jan....

    1. Pathfinder


      Glad to see you around. :3

    2. Chip Circuit

      Chip Circuit

      hey there :D happy bday btw, sorry I'm late

  7. Happy New Years Everyone!

    1. internet pone

      internet pone

      Happy New Year to you too, Nanny!

  8. Haven't been on for a while. In the middle of a move

    1. power strike

      power strike

      welcome back then (: lol.

  9. I just posted up the first chapter of my new Fanfic! Check out my FIMfiction under my same username.

  10. This is mostly in general. I tend to feel alone a lot. I think this may have something to do with having a huge family. I have six siblings I grew up with. I have my parents and when I was little we would go visit my grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts. In school, I always had someone to talk to and find someone who I loved to talk to... but now I'm an adult. Out of school. Out of a job. I still live with my parents, but they are still so busy. My siblings are almost all gone, but the ones that are here are introverted. I'm not. I am very not introverted. I don't get energized by being on my own. Boy, I learned that I do not. (I am not making much sense, I'm sorry.) I like to be around people. I like to see that they are having fun. I like to watch them be active even if I'm not active myself. But that sometimes is lonely. If all I'm doing is watching, then I get bored. I feel invisible. ~~~~~~~~ Okay, so I took a small break to fill out applications for Nanny positions. I'm trying to just find work, but it is really hard. It's hard for someone like me who does not really have the same... I guess "work quality" that other people have. I like to take care of people. I love to take care of children. I guess that is what is bothering me the most at the moment. I don't feel needed or wanted. Mostly not wanted. I don't feel important. I have trouble seeing my skills and worth because a lot of the time, it isn't something tangible. It's not something people really think about or care about. At times I don't feel inspired or motivated to do anything. I can't write. I can't draw. I can't finish a planned project. I get frustrated at myself and feel even worse when I can't figure things out, or I think things are too hard to deal with. I guess I'm just having a problem just finding a purpose for myself. I suppose one of the hardest things is that I KNOW I have a purpose, I just don't know what it is. If I knew what it was, it may be easier, but my map is missing a marked destination. I guess a problem is I am having a problem trying to figure out what destination I want to go to. Sorry if I'm going a bit metaphoric on everyone. I do that.
  11. Juggling hobbies, job hunting, and exercise. Ugh... I'm tired.

    1. Chip Circuit

      Chip Circuit

      Sounds like a rough time *hugs* take a break go watch a movie :P

  12. I do not have a favorite character of MLP, Mane six or otherwise. Why? Because I relate to each of them in different ways. Each of them has a part that I like or wish to have or both. I used to have favorites when I entered the fandom, but then I started to like the other characters for different reasons and then when asked, I felt pressured to choose just one. That's like saying what is your favorite color? Guys? I'm an artist. I can lean towards a certain color, but telling me to choose just one is like telling me to say which is better: Cake or Pie? NOT HAPPENING! Rainbow Dash: She was the fan favorite at the start of the show it seems and among many fans, it still holds true. This was never quite the case with me. Dash was a lot like one of my friends with qualities I admired, but I don't necessarily have. For instance, I am not confident with my active skills. In fact, I'm not all that physically inclined at all. But that's just a small part. I admire her talent and the confidence she has in herself. However, I think she is a bit too rash and jumps into situations without fully thinking things through. Fluttershy: I used to resent Fluttershy mostly because people wouldn't stop comparing a character I drew to her and then I got attacked for it. It took a Marine to get me to take a closer look at the show. Anyways, She was actually one of the first I related to. She was timid, shy, yet kind... this basically described me throughout high school. And even now, I am kind of similar. She lacks confidence in herself and I do too. I however, don't have it to her extreme (And Jerry Peet is right. She needs some help. She is getting better though.) Twilight Sparkle: I think I mostly have her talent to be organized. I love to make lists and arrange things to be just so regardless if two seconds later my room is a complete disaster again. She thinks with a head on her shoulders and can give out some Picard proud speeches. Pinkie Pie: When the song "Smile" first appeared, I gasped and haven't stopped singing that song since (sorta). Anyways, I love to smile and do things for others so they smile. I like to do things and give things to the point of exhausting myself, which, I know, isn't good for me. Although, unlike Pinkie, I know what boundaries are and I do my best not to cross them. Rarity: She became high on my list when I saw "Suited for Success". It really hooked me in because I was able to relate to her on a creative level. So many times I make something and I am told that it's not good enough and when I go back and try to rework it... it turned out worse than before. It also made me think that any one who wants to go onto Project Runway should watch that episode. Applejack: I love AJ for her family centered life which is something I want and I am still searching for. She cares so much for her family and does what she can to protect them. And it's not just her immediate family. She treats all her friends like family and I do the same. So, you can see that I don't think one is above the other. I like and admire each and everyone of them for different reasons.
  13. That does look interesting, and I would read it... except for the fact I have to pay in order to read it. And that is why I don't like the comics or any extra material and only stick to the show. The summery is very interesting though.
  14. Um, well to me, they are more or less the same. Kelpi is more of the species as a whole and Sirens is what they can become if darkness fills their heart. Kind of like how Luna became Nightmare Moon when darkness filled her heart. She was still an alicorn princess, but she had turned into a very dark version of herself.
  15. You haven't burst my bubble. I understand where you are coming from, but you should also understand why I insist of saying Kelpies instead of "seaponies". The Sirens are Kelpies/hippocampi not only because of physical form, but also because of what they do. A few legends around these creatures suggest that they lure humans to the water and drown them and eat them. This is more or less what the Dazzlings do. They lure people and ponies with their songs and feed off of their energy. And to be honest, I had no idea that they existed in the comics. I don't read the comics. I personally don't count them. If you do, fine, but I don't. The original design of G1's seaponies were after seahorses, the actual animal. That was also the reason the name was "seaponies". Because the show was about ponies and not horses. I am basing my wants on the actual mythical creatures. The reason seahorses were named seahorses. (Although seahorses were also believed to be descendants of dragons, so that may not be fully true.) And I'm not saying that the kelpies all have to be one way. I just want a good story under the water and that in a way, Hasbro set themselves up to create an underwater world. If they don't, it would be just as bad as when they introduced the seaponies of Gen1 and left it cold turkey. (Just side note: kelpies, hippocampus, and seahorse are different names for the same thing from different cultures. I understand what you were saying, but it took me a while because it's the same thing)
  16. I kind of wished I saw this when I was about nine. Up to that point, I had a best friend named "K". Then this girl named "A" moved to town and K started to hang out with her more and more. I would hang out with both of them, but I would constantly feel left out when they talked about something they had in common but I didn't like American Girl dolls. I did what Discord did at the beginning. I avoided my friend and when the two of them did approach me, I tried to play it off and try to make myself look cool. It didn't really work and eventually, I just stopped going anywhere with K and A unlike Discord. And Unlike him, I shut down and didn't tried to understand. I didn't even keep in contact after I moved. I kind of regret that now, I don't even know where either of them are.
  17. When I saw this episode, I had NO idea it was the end of Season one. I had watched the first two seasons straight through and I hardly noticed. I thought that Season two's premier was Season one's finale. It didn't quite feel like a finale, but it was a fun romp none the less. I felt sad for Spike because when he was talking about showing things to the others on the carriage ride, I was like "Whoa, I want to see those things." I'm sad we never did see them. My favorite parts was with Rarity and Fluttershy. These two just made the episode for me.
  18. Does my parent's know that I'm into MLP? Yeah, pretty much. After watching the first two seasons, I began to say things from the show and I would get looks from everyone. I would say. "I watched MLP recently." They would nod their heads slowly and go back. It also helps to see some of these shows because being a nanny, I ought to know some good shows from bad ones. And it's good to tell the adults that this one they won't cringe every episode if their child wants them to watch with them.
  19. Okay, so in my intro post to the welcoming forum, I stated that I was not a Unicorn, Pegasus, Earth pony, or Alicorn. I said I was a Kelpie. For anyone who doesn't know, a Kelpie is a half horse and half fish. Yes, I'm talking about Sea ponies. Ugh, and I don't like that term. People don't really seem to like sea ponies and honestly, neither do I! That is why I want to make the distinct difference between the two. ....Kelpie sounds cuter! Yeah, yeah, lame reason is lame, but also here is another point. Kelpie is the mythological name for it. So is Hippocampus, but Kelpie, again, sounds cuter. Kelpies also live, not only in saltwater bodies, but fresh water bodies like rivers, lakes and streams. Kelpies are not limited to the Sea like the term "Sea ponies" does. I really hope that they plan to make an episode where some or all of the main six go into water via map... thing. I mean, they kind of have it set up where they can go under the water or into the sea. Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks pretty much showed us that it is possible to meet these different ponies. When Adagio and the Dazzlings were shown to be Sea ponies, I thought. Cool! Wait, does that mean there is another species of PONIES?! *Excited squeel* There could be a whole other kingdom under the water that may need friendship.And whether you want to count the Equestria Girls movies, you still can't deny that would be cool. I just don't want them to call them Seaponies. They should be called Kelpies!
  20. This episode is one of my favorites. It is a very personal episode from me due to what happened in the beginning. Twilight laments the fact that her brother Shining Armor doesn't tell her in person that he is getting married. I understand where she is coming from, but I also pity her anger. I know why the writers made it that way. They wanted to make it easier for her to appear over protective and seem like she doesn't want the wedding to take place. Anyways, the reason I relate to Twilight so much here is because I went through something similar. My older brother was kinda like my protector when we were growing up. I hung around him and tried to do things with him even if he didn't want me to. Then he went into the military and a few years later, I went off to college. We had very little interaction with each other and how I found out was far less grand than that of Twilight getting an invitation. Hey, at least you GOT an invitation. I was on my way to the grocery store when my phone went off saying I got a text message. It was from my older sister, who heard from our oldest sister, who heard it from our mom, who got an email from my big brother that he was getting married. I had never met her. I didn't even know what she looked like. I actually didn't meet her until the Christmas after they got married. But unlike Twilight, I didn't mind. Why? Because I trusted and respected my brother's choice. It made me sad that when Twilight found out, she was angry until she found out that she knew the mare. Girl! Have a little faith in your brother. Although, I have to say it was good that Twilight knew Cadence and understood what she was really like and pretty much could spot the real Cadence from the deceptive Cadence (Yes, this joke will never go away even if it isn't funny anymore). But yeah, my favorite part of the episode... is one of the things people don't really think about or like in this episode.
  21. How did you find MLP Forums?: I googled MLP forums. Voila! How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: ... this is going to take a long time... oh well. So, I was on Deviantart and in a Digimon rp group. I created my digimon then I started getting messages from people saying the Rookie form looked like Fluttershy. I was confused. When people kept telling me that, I finally asked "What the heck is a fluttershy?" So, they directed me to the show. I kinda of just stared at the art and decided it wasn't for me. It was meant for the younger crowd (heh, and digimon isn't? lol) and I didn't really watch MLP when I was younger. So I passed it by. But the comments didn't stop even when I put a disclaimer in the description of my art. Finally, I had to put it at the top since I started to get attacked, saying I was ripping off the show. I actually got angry at the MLP franchise because of that. So, I decided to look up what the heck the show was about. I watched Voice of Reason's reviews for a while and decided to watch a couple of episodes. I watched perhaps the first two episodes. I was kinda 'meh' about it. But I was highly entertained by adults being serious about a kid's show. Finally I started to watch someone who was in complete denial at first: Josh Scorcher. I was highly entertained by him and then found out he was a Marine. ...I think I followed his channel more for the fact he was a Marine rather than he was a denial brony at the time. Anyways, I also found out that other members of the Military were into the show, so I decided to watch all that was there up to that point. I think it was the first two seasons, because I got up to the wedding one. About mid season one, I was addicted. Hi everyone! I'm Neighing Nanny! What's up? So, let me explain first why I don't have a favorite of the Mane Six. I kind of hope it will let me post this without filling it out. If not, I picked a random one. Anyways, I didn't pick a mane six to be my favorite is because I relate to each one of them in different ways. I'll post that somewhere else I think, but yeah, basic and watered down version of why. Again, I am Neighing Nanny. I will say this right now, yes, I am a real nanny... or was when I came up with the name. Just call me Nanny! Or Keiko (irl nickname) I'm a quarter of a century young. I am NOT a unicorn, pegisus, earth pony, or Alicorn. Yeah, I know my profile pic is earth pony. I just like the curly hair I drew. I AM a Kelpi. What's that you ask? Well, I'll probably write that later sometime too, so now two things to look forward to from me. Anyways, I love discussions as long as they are friendly! See you in the forums!