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  1. I think the story arc of this episode was predictable, but it was really funny. I think this is definitely the best episode of the season. Haven't enjoyed an episode that much in a while. Good job writers.
  2. Called it. I think it was obvious, I don't know why, cause I had no proof, just a hunch. I have a feeling the episode is gonna follow the trope where a character is good hearted, but everyone thinks they are no good.
  3. Called it. I think it was obvious, I don't know why, cause I had no proof, just a hunch.
  4. I say all the episodes were alright. I wasn't really suprised with anything yet, but at least none of the episodes were horrible. I agree. Most of the episodes were solid, but nothing exceptional.
  5. I think it's because they disguised as a rock. And Maud like rocks? That's the only explanation I can think of.
  6. I think that a female centric show would be no different from a male centric show as long as they don't stick to gender stereo-types. The characters in MLP are not very stereo-typical, so for me it is fine. Now rarity is pretty stereo-typically female, and just imagine how annoying it would be if all the characters acted like that.
  7. I have notcied the number of unique facial expressions have increased quite a bit from the beginning of the show. And I appreciate the effort being put in. But I feel like the amount of over exaggerated facial expression takes away from their meaning. Don't get me wrong, over exaggerated expressions are a great way to convey strong emotions in a cartoon, but the more you use them the less intense the emotions feel. Anyone agree or disagree?
  8. I can't pinpoint why, but I didn't really enjoy the episode much. The script was alright, and the plot wasn't horrible but it was predictable. Now that I think of it, that is the exact reason why. It felt predictable and therefore(for at least me) very dull. However it wasn't a bad episode by any means, but just because it wasn't bad doesn't mean it was good. I'll agree about the pacing. It felt reasonably well paced.
  9. Apple Jack and Pinkie Pie for me, I guess.
  10. Something I do eat but don't like is coffee grounds. Sounds disgusting, but you get way more of the beneficial elelements of coffee this way. Sounds weird, and it tatstes weird, but it's not inedible. People eat coffee beans anyway.
  11. "Autist". I do not hate the word itself, just how people throw it around like an insult when it is an actual problem for people. I am by no means PC, but autism is a mental disorder, not an insult. A brief list: faggot, noob, dank, etc...
  12. She's a kid guys. Kids will do dumb things to imprrss their friends (silver spoon) and her mother also influenced her. So if you say not, then I don't know what else to say. Consequences? Her mother made her mean, and the parents should be the ones who discipline a small child like DT, yet she realized she was being taught wrong.
  13. geartree

    Technology DirectX or OpenGL?

    Also people, don't compare DX12 to OpenGL. It would not be fair at all, because the more fair comparison would be Vulkan vs DirectX12. OpenGL 4.5 vs DX11 is a fair camparison.
  14. geartree

    Technology DirectX or OpenGL?

    You realize he will most likely use OpenGL, since that is what Valve seems to favor.
  15. geartree

    Technology DirectX or OpenGL?

    I've never used directX for development, but I will say openGL is the better one overall almost entirely based on the fact that it is cross platform. I find it ridiculous that companies are limiting games to a certain system/machine, DirectX is obviously the bigger offender of this. Also when comparing the two, it would be better to say Direct3D vs OpenGL, since that is comparing the two on graphics alone. You literally contradicted the quote you posted. Vulcan will replace OpenGL and will compete with DirectX I am sure. You are totally incorrect. The standard IS and WILL b
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