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  1. IF you were a teacher at school of friendship, which music do you think is the best to you play for the students? Personally, I would play "Remember Me" or "Proud Corazon". The Mane 6, students and everypony will deeply love them as they teach us great advice about friendship and family.
  2. radiance62

    Most trustworthy pony

    If you were to choose one of the mane 6 as your best friend, which one do you think is the most trustworthy? (This means you are aware that she will never ever betray you regardless of the circumstances)
  3. radiance62

    Ponies react to insult

    Is it just me or does it seem like ponies are very sensitive? I wonder if they would be very very very offended after hearing insults from humans?
  4. radiance62

    The best kind of friendship

    Human A : "What the! You bastard, what the hell was that!?" Human B : "Huh!? What are you talking about?" Human A : "Don't play dumb! You just douse me with a jug of water!" Human B : "I told ya, I didn't do anything!" Human A : "If it wasn't you then who is it?" Human B : "How should I know?" Human A : "Wanna fight!?!" Human B : "Hmm, bring it on!" Human C : "Hey hey, what do we have here? Allow me to join you two!" Human D : "This cupcake's really good. (Human A accidentally smack him in the head) Awwwww!!! What the f*** are you idiots thinking ur doin? Human A : "Get outta the way, jackass! We're having a fight here!" Human D : "At least don't bother me while I'm eating ........ (human A punch human D again ..... on purpose) That's it, you ask for it! Die you piece of ....." Twilight : "ENOUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Human A, B, C, D : "Huh???!!!!" Twilight : "Why, why would you do this? For such close friends to fight and insult one another. Isn't true friendship supposed to be about being nice to each other?" Rainbow Dash : "Don't forget about being loyal." Applejack : "Honest." Rarity : "Generous." Pinkie Pie : "And having fun!" Fluttershy : "What you just did was not very nice at all (Almost crying)." Twilight :"You four should be ashamed of yourselves." Human A: "Twilight, I.....I.....I... am so sorry." Human B: "Come to think about it, you're right Twi." Human C: "We just embarrassed ourselves." Human D: "Thank you for opening our eyes Twi." Twilight : "I am glad you understand. Now that you've learned a new lesson about friend............. (Smiling)." Human A : "Alright then, guys. From now on .................... we are no longer friends." Human B : "YESSSSSSSSS! Now we can slaughter each other without feeling remorse!" Human C : "hell yeah, you ***holes better be ready!". Human D : "hehehehe, it was so nice while our friendship lasted, wasn't it? Twilight : "NO NO NO NO NO, WAIT!!!! That's not what we ........." Human E : "Hahahahahahaha! Don't worry Twi, these dumbasses are always like this" Twilight : "But why? They are your best friends, aren't they? You should stop them, not to mention you just insulted your own friends" Human E : "Once they fight, there is no way of stopping them. Besides, this is how we define true friendship." Rainbow Dash : "You call this friendship!?" Human E : "Yup." Fluttershy : "I don't understand how fighting and insulting one another can be called friendship."
  5. Let's say, you were in Equestria and Cheerilee asked you to educate the fillies and colts, what would you teach to them?
  6. If they were, what are some good advice would you give to them?
  7. Let's say you go to Equestria via portal, then you tell the mane 6, Celestia, Luna, and Cadence all major conflicts that are currently happening on our earth. Would they be able to solve our problems using their element of harmony and magic of friendship?
  8. Captain Dickson : You two sons of bitches is going to Equestria. Schmidt : Yes, my favorite cartoon show. Jenko : I never knew you're a f*cking brony Schmidt. Captain Dickson : Don't f*ck the ponies. What do you guys think of this crossover?
  9. I was wondering if Discord ever learns about us, what would he think?
  10. I was wondering, let's say a human went to Equestria, the ponies met him, made contact with human race for the first time and the ponies particularly Twilight wanted to learn about the history of humanity. In order not to scare the ponies, should the human just tell them the bright side of humanity or the dark side of humanity as well, including all the atrocities humans have committed such as WW1 and WW2? Scaring the ponies is not something I would ever do because It will be cruel if I do.
  11. Lets say, a couple of USMC Drill Instructors visit Equestria through a portal to train Shining Armor and other Royal Guard. I wonder if the Royal Guard are mentally prepared enough to face the Drill Instructors, especially when they constantly yelling at the ponies? Note : I am talking about canon Equestria
  12. radiance62

    Which pony would you wish to clone and keep for yourself?

    Fluttershy, because she is my fav.
  13. If we show the ponies from canon Equestria some human video games such as DotA 2, Battlefield 4, Far Cry 4, Company Heroes 2, etc. How would each of the ponies react being the mane 6 and princesses?
  14. If real life humans were in canon Equestria, would their appearance become cartoonist or remain realistic?
  15. Lets say you go to Equestria with a laptop, a giant projector screen, loud speaker and a solar generator to power it. In Canterlot, you ask the ponies what are the worst things they have faced in Equestria? Rainbow Dash excitingly says they have faced Changeling, Discord, Tirek, and sombra and the way how they defeated them except for Discord since he's been turn to good. Discord arrogantly says that there is no way human can be more chaotic than humans. You chuckle since they have never experienced the horror humans have endured. Then you turn on your laptop, set up the speaker and the projector that fills the entire wall of the castle. The mane 6, Discord, princesses, and other ponies from ponyville, canterlot, and crystal empire watch the screen with full of curiosity. You play the WW2 documentary video which include the Nazi Holocaust, Russian Gulag, Great Purge, Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, total casualties and deaths and everything that happened during the war. how would they react? especially the mane 6, princesses and discord.