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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Sugar-Fable


      Thank you! <3

  2. My family goes to watch the fireworks that our town has, but we don't buy them ourself! It's fun~
  3. (Art by hawthornss ) If you get the time, I'd love to see you draw Polar Axis~ TY for the chance!
  4. That's actually what I was thinking when I first heard of the G5 rumors - That it'd be weird to have a complete new world but have the same characters... It could only hurt them as it will cause people to compare it unfairly even if it is a good show on it's own. But I do like the videos idea of G5 as well - I think it'd make for an interesting show.
  5. So I found this video by chance and it has an actually really interesting idea for Gen 5... I doubt it'll end up anything like this but I'd love to see it! Thought ya'll might like to see it too~
  6. I'm sad to see the show end but I'm glad we basically have confirmation for G5 to continue pony!
  7. I do hope they add Discord in some form... Perhaps the mentioned Longmas depending. I also didn't see any leaks about Spike.