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  1. 10.6 GB for MLP content I found on the internet, but my own projects take up around 40 GB.
  2. So I was doing a group project today


  3. Just completely shattered the glass backing to my phone :( lesson learnt, if your old case breaks, get a new one, the $10 is worth it xD

    Also, can phones please stop using glass backs? No one notices it and when someone does it's because it's broken.

  4. Thanks for the follow! 

    1. Egg-3


      no problem, thanks for stopping by :flutterhat:

  5. The power ponies convention felt like BronyCon - I love it xD
  6. Just something I had noticed: some MLP Equestria Girl films are rated TV-Y7 instead of the usual TV-Y on Netflix, such as Legend of Everfree and Rollercoaster of Friendship. Do anyone know why? To be honest, MLP:FiM had plenty of TV-Y7 moments but it's still kept at TV-Y. (although I do think TV-Y7 suits MLP better in general).

    1. ShadOBabe


      I don't know the real reason, but it might be because the EqG characters are "human" and not fantastical talking animals or mythological creatures. Not to mention they're high school humans.

      I know that for a cartoon I watched in the 90s (SWAT Kats) there's an assertion that it got away with so much violence because none of the characters were human, thus it had this degree of seperation that the censors deemed acceptable.


    I WENT INTO MY DORM ROOM and I was like, oh great, I'm all alone. So I put on "how the magic of friendship grows" and like a WHOLE MINUTE INTO THE VIDEO I discovered... I was not alone.


    Please send a chopper, quickly. 

    1. Brony Number 42

      Brony Number 42

      It is en route.

    2. PoisonClaw


      Get to da choppa! 

    3. ShadOBabe


      LOL!! Oh you’ll be fine. If anyone says anything anything about it, just be like, “Well DUH I like it! It’s fun!”