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  1. I thought it would be cool If we had a thread that was for general chatting about makeup, where we could share tips, discuss brands and products, share how we do our make up (if you wear makeup) and how we look before and after makeup. I have really been getting into makeup recently and wanted a thread to discuss this in. I did not see any threads about makeup that were as open ended as this so I thought I would start one. Anypony interested?
  2. I think I will wait untill the next morning transition to hop in, I wish my schedule worked better with all of y'alls but this weekend should be better.
  3. Where is each pony and with which pony are they with? I don't really know where to send her or who to have her talk to.
  4. It would be really helpful if somebody would let me know when or where would be a good time for my character to pop in again and interact with others. Would anybody mind?
  5. Artemisia

    Open Casual Baltimare RP

    After dancing the night away in the club Dawn found a cheap hotel to spend the night. After sleeping in Dawn left the hotel and wandered the streets of Baltimare until she found a small cafe. She walked in, and ordered some tea and a blueberry muffin. She sat down at a small table near the counter as she waited for her order. She leaned back in her chair taking in the ambience and watching the other ponies in the cafe. ((Sorry I haven't been able to post))
  6. I am soooooooooooooooo incredibly sorry that I have not been able to post or anything. My older brother is going on a big trip and my grandma is still in the hospital and everything has been so busy and on top of all that I got grounded for a short time but now I am back. I am really sorry. It won't happen again.
  7. Artemisia

    Open Casual Baltimare RP

    "Not at all!" Dawn shouted over the music. "I'm Dawn Windswept. You here for the show?" Dawn shook her mane out of her braid and started to move to the music. The flashing multi-colored lights and the spectrum of ponies' manes and fur made the club more colorful than a crayon box. "A bit psychedelic here isn't it?" She laughed, "And what is your name?"
  8. I got my own sewing machine!!!! Cosplay time!

  9. How has my favorite robot been doing?

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    2. Chigens and Kay

      Chigens and Kay

      Oh hahah! I remember all that. I've been good, as you can see :P I also missed your birthday yesterday, sorry. Happy belated birthday!

    3. Artemisia


      Aww thanks :D

      Well in my time zone it still is my birthday so it's all good XD

    4. Chigens and Kay
  10. I got these GORGEOUS black cowgirl boots for my birthday and they make me soooooooooo happy.

    1. Artemisia


      Seriously. And that new leather smell. So good.

    2. Artemisia


      Now I have a brown pair, a black pair and a pink pair.

    3. Artemisia


      And they fit like a dream.

  11. Artemisia

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    I don't know how to work the internet so just check out my instagram. http://instagram.com/bethany1552/
  12. Artemisia

    Open Casual Baltimare RP

    Dawn made her way through the winding city streets and found herself in front of MusicMare. She pushed into the club and milled around waiting for the show to start. As per her way of doing things she looked around the club waiting for something to pull her in any direction, be it the movement of the crowd or an interesting pony. This time the crowd acted as the force pushing her towards the area just in front of the stage. ((OOC: Somebody talk to meeee))
  13. Oh my god there is a mysterious bug in my room and i dont knw what it tis but im terridfied and cant type aghhh oh god why.

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    2. Smarts


      dump gasoline around your house and ignite it to scare away the intruders.

    3. Artemisia


      i was thinking that all the fire today would be on my birthday cake.

      i also dont think my parentals would be super impressed.

    4. Smarts


      They would understand once you explained your life or death situation to them. It was either the bugs or you.

  14. Good night everypony be on later this day. it's funny how just a couple hours on here has me addicted again.

  15. It feels SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good to be RP'ing again.

  16. Artemisia

    Open Casual Baltimare RP

    Dawn Windswept lives up to her name, that much could be said about her. She always goes wherever the wind and her wings take her, and whenever there is a breeze that just feels right she will take off to the next town. In this way she found herself flying to Baltimare. Dawn landed on Mane Street, she always starts on Mane Street in a new town because they almost always have one named that. Standing on the corner of the street the orange mare counted her bits and rebraided her wind blown gold and yellow mane, tying it with a strip of leather. Her violet eyes searched the street for anything
  17. Okay so I have a pegasus oc from an old rp who never got very fleshed out (she was mostly a background character) and I think that if I fill out her description and personality a bit more she would work well. Okay here is Dawn Windswept, I basically changed everything about her other than her appearance but I think she will be interesting to play. What do y'all think?http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/dawn-windswept-r533 I posted! Headed to MusicMare.
  18. Okay so I am a mare, I was considering using my original OC/Ponysona Artemisia and just tweaking her but she is a unicorn, hmmm, no she won't work. To much adventure. I have to find all my other OCs the only problem is I can't find where I put links to all of them.AHA found the links!
  19. I will begin character creation at once! What I meant by asking that was just so that there weren't too many moody characters or peppy characters etc... I just find it important to keep the balance and make sure not to fill a niche that is already filled.
  20. Excuse me, if it isn't too late to join I think this RP sounds like something I would want to be part of. I haven't been on the forums in a while but right now I'm working on catching up with the show and getting back into the forums. If you will have me, I have been in quite a few RPs before if you would like proof of my ability, then I would like to join. Me being gone for so long has led to a disconnect between myself and my OCs and I will need to create a new one. If you wouldn't mind, would you tell me about the character balance in the RP so that I can get a feel for what kind of OC wou
  21. Wow, I miss this place. Artemisia coming back soon to a forum near you!

  22. The school year is over soon, once it is I plan to catch up with the show then return to the forums. See y'all soon :D

    1. Creamy Arty

      Creamy Arty

      I was wondering where you had gone and was hoping it was only temporary.


      Looking forward to it. :D

    2. Luriel Maelstrom
  23. If I wanted a signature how would I go about. Getting one?

    1. SmittyWerbenjagermanjense


      Requesting one. Or make one..

    2. Just some guy

      Just some guy

      Heck,there's even a status about somebody requesting people to request a signature.

    3. Jack Baker

      Jack Baker

      There's a person on here named Kyoshi who made my signature. You can go to her signature request thread and tell her how you want your sig to look.

  24. If I wanted a signature how would I go about. Getting one?

    1. Scarfy HOOVES

      Scarfy HOOVES

      i could make one for you

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