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  1. This needs to be updated, Fillydelphia Radio has been shut down.
  2. The less I see of kids being named Goku or Gohan the better, cause that's hella embarrassing. At least some MLP names makes sense.
  3. Iron Will is the Mr. Satan of the MLP Universe, ANYONE can kick his ass.
  4. Spike being Twilight Assistant is actually Ironic considering He'll have a longer lifespan just like her.
  5. Okay! So Twilight had her entrance exam at roughly the age of 4 years old (given take her size, and lack of cutie mark, and She's smaller then the CMC's) she used her magic to help hatch Spike a Baby Dragon, okay so far so good. Enter Season 1, Twilight is now considered an Adult Mare, maybe 18 years of age at least, so my question is this. How the hell is Spike still a "Baby Dragon"? He can cook, take care of himself, is able to make a living, and has shown to be very mature, and level headed. You can come up with the most practical explanation
  6. I call BS, cause all Twilight had to do was solve some Old Man's Spell, and She became a Princess without question. So, why couldn't Fluttershy be a Princess for reforming Discord? It doesn't make any sense?
  7. I'm sure they don't have harsh feelings towards some parts of the Fandom, but looking at what some of what the Fandom does, I can see why Hasbro tends to stay away from that kind of question. As for the Voice Actors I'm sure they're okay with "some" parts of the Fandom.
  8. The EqG Soundtracks are absolute Flames!! I will die on that hill!!
  9. So I've been reading random Spilight Fanfics, and I don't know why, but I like this ship. I don't know how majority of the fandom feels about it, but I like it.
  10. I've never really heard if it has been confirmed or not, I mean she's does like scheduling, and keeping things in order, but we don't know if Autism, and OCD should be a main cause of it. I wonder if the writers ever got asked that question?
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