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  1. I got the Master Sword, the Blade of Evil's Bane. So I guess I might be alright playing magic tennis with Twilight. Gonna keep a few fairies on hand tho.
  2. The greatest mashup I think I've ever heard.
  3. When you tell your parents you feel like a constant disappointment, that you feel you won't ever live up to their expectations, and you can't say what you really think around them because of a profound fear of rejection, and your mom says, "I can empathize with that, but I'm the complete opposite! I just say what I want and don't worry about it!" Thanks, ma! You've cured my depression! I can't believe I never thought about just not feeling like a disappointment! I'm surprised it wasn't a complex issue with a great multitude of causes and solutions!

  4. Shaving my face always makes me look 16 again. With my beard, I look 47. I don't get it. But I'd say the first time I looked at myself and thought, "Damn, you look old and a little tired," was 25. I'm not quite 30 yet. I haven't slept right a day in my life, and my age is beginning to catch up with me. I starting to get some serious lines under my eyes.
  5. Coffee - but I hate the taste of it Dryer sheets Steaks on the grill Listerine Garlic sautéing Pencil sharpener shavings WD-40 - the smell of breaking that stubborn bolt free
  6. Warming my feet with my space heater. It's not even cold in here - about 25C - and my feet are FREEZING. My feet are always cold. I just don't get it.
  7. Being stressed about the results of the election. I'm still doing that.
  8. 502261 Company meeting
  9. 502259 Yup. At least they can't be fired for screwing around too much.
  10. I'm on Haswell and dual R9 290s. Completed my build in 2014, I think. Power draw is incredible. Heat output rivals my 500 watt space heater where Crossfire comes into play. The Talos Principle is gorgeous on max settings but I get noise complaints every time. I used to have a cheap Raidmax case but my partner got me a Define R5 for my birthday and everything has A LOT more breathing room now. So that's good. Still noisy but I figure I'll swap my GPUs with a single newer one and see if I need to do a CPU upgrade then. At that point, we're talking new PC money.
  11. 502257 My folks are self employed, but their work is heavily dependent on having something to do. Both their jobs are super dry in the summer months so they spend all day in the pool for two months straight and get 34 shades darker for it. But in their busy months, which I'd say are February, March, May, October, and November, at least one of them is working as much as 18 hours a day every day for the next month or two. Me personally, I couldn't do what they do. That's why I work for an organization, haha!
  12. 502255 Yeah I get that. We don't have kids, but one of my old bosses (really cool guy, I miss working with him) has two kids. He and his wife worked out with their supervisors whereby they alternate days in which their hours are moved back to accommodate their kids' schedules with school and daycare. So two days a week, he worked something like 0600-1500. This was six years ago. I think their youngest is in high school by now so I'm sure he works the same hours everyday at this point.
  13. 502254 Si. This I, woona. Don't really go by that anymore since I left the fandom, but yeah. Sorry to hear about your job, dude. Have you been able to find any side gigs? I think between the last time I was on here and now, I got engaged. I also had a job that made me horribly depressed and my boss made me paranoid so I just up and quit before having a new gig lined up. I spent 3 months unemployed last year and couldn't collect unemployment so that was nice. I had to cash out some retirement to make ends meet, haha! But I did have all the time in the world to made our old rent house spotless by the time we moved out of it so at least we got our deposit back. Our dog also died right before I left that job. Probably a contributor to the depression. Was in a major funk for a while but we bought a home and I found work and things picked up. I've also been seeing a therapist to help reconcile childhood traumas. I also finally came out to myself as a radical atheist. Then to my partner. My therapist is helping me work through it. I think my adoptive parents will write me out of their will if I told them, but I told my mom I'm sick of buying Christmas gifts and I don't want to give or get anything at all for Christmas and apparently that makes me greedy? Whatever the opposite of generous is. I tried to explain I have enough THINGS and what I want from my family is TIME and apparently that didn't click with her so I'll be talking about that with my therapist. My mom also knows I'm not going to church and asked if I can't buy gifts can I at least start going back. I said no. I'm pretty proud of myself for that. It made her awfully sad and I'm sad about it too, but I'm finally standing up for what I believe. So yay for steps forward I guess? I wad having an anxiety attack the entire phone call and almost came out of the closet. But she did say that if I wasn't having agnostic feelings towards church that it'd be as easy as going to Target. So maybe she's starting to suspect it. Idk. Maybe one day I'll tell them. I'm kinda sick of being fake with my family just to be accepted. So that's my TED talk lmao Oh yeah and I'm also getting out of accounting. I'm studying IT certifications. I have accounting to fall back on and I'll keep my current job til something in IT comes along and I can jump ship and not just land in the water. That's exciting.
  14. Amazon. I hate Bezos but two day shipping on almost anything I can think of is a luxury I'm not entirely willing to give up. Other than that, Reddit. But I don't use the app because it's always been garbage in my Android experience. So I waste my hours on Reddit's mobile site, which is still frustrating on its own, but far better than the app. Imgur is also pretty good as a community but the app turns my phone into a space heater and my battery lasts about 8 minutes using it so I don't visit often. I also go to IKEA's site a lot. God IKEA has some purdy furniture.
  15. 502251 Hey Dawnchaser. How you been? It's been like 2 or 3 years since I was last somewhat active here lmao