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  1. Book

    Discord doodles

    That happy flutter face!
  2. To those ,including myself, who find it hard to "love and tolerate" all the time know that this is an impossible feat. There will be days when you slip up, say something mean, or generally make an ass of yourself. What is more important and arguably a part of loving and tolerating is the ability to realise you made a mistake and own up to it without a fuss. Now when you apologize or own up to a mistake you aren't owning up to the person you have done wrong to. Mainly, you should be apologizing and owning up to a mistake to yourself because you dipped below your own standards and you know you a
  3. I can say that I have learned more from the brony community than I have the show. However I can say that the show game me something that I praise it for still after all these years. It is the fact that it helped melt my cynicism.
  4. Back after nearly a year long hiatus. Life stuff is great!

    1. SCS


      Welcome back! :D I'm glad that life is going great for you.

    2. Book


      Thanks! I'm glad that your glad!

  5. Happy Birthday, Book!

  6. Book

    MLP Forums 1st Birthday

    Happy Birthday forums! Tomorrow is my birthday!
  7. We did our first Livestream on Alicorn Radio today! Here is the link to the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDLcci34DUU&feature=plcp

  8. Hey guys what's up! Book here and I am letting these forums know what Alicorn Radio has been up to. We have recently begun taking interest in live streaming our shows and here is our first go at it. We even do a screen play of episode 3 season 2 "Less than Zero". The link is provided below if you want to check it out. Youtube livestream: http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDLcci34DUU&feature=g-u-u Youtube Account: http://www.youtube.c...o?feature=g-u-u Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlicornRadio Deviant Art group: http://alicornradio.deviantart.com/
  9. Book

    Stay awhile and Listen

    I hope you all enjoy this just as much as I did doing the voice of deckard mane. Feel free to leave feedback so we can improve future parodies.
  10. I sing as passionatly as I can in my room when I am alone. I am not a bad singer but I do feel a little self concious about my voice. Which is to say I can sing without feeling scared in front of my friends but it is just other random people I have a problem with. What makes me extremely happy and in a good mood besides singing is the weather outside. I love it when it is a cool 66 degrees outiside where it is just cool enough to wear a jacket. I absolutly love jackets and I feel naked without one. Of course this leads into my favortie season which is fall. Even though it is cool outside
  11. I am alonely on teamspeak :(

    1. Book


      such a shame


    2. Book


      I am going to watch this video and be on in a second


    3. Ethan Pow
  12. No problem! Thank you for the listen. I will definatly be doing more of these based on the great feedback we have been receiveing from this. Glad to bring a smile to anoter persons day!
  13. There will be unquestionably more of this! Especially with all the positive feedback that we have gotten from this. You will be hearing from us soon I promise you. In the meantime can I interest you in our little radio show we have?
  14. I am glad that I brought a smile to your face! That is after all what I was aiming for. It is just something about this song that makes me smile as I am singing it. In fact I don't think this song would sound the same if you were frowning while singing it.
  15. Thank you! Your kind words mean a lot and are definatly inspiring this kind of thing to happen more frequently. Glad you enjoyed it!
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