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  1. This is what I typically look like, or the appearance that I've defined myself as for the past year (always have my hair pulled back): (Taken approximately April 22nd, 2011) And for the curious, this is what it generally looks like down: (Taken approximately November 18th, 2010) I know, I know... regardless of whether my hair is pulled back or down, I'm a babe. Oh, it's also a complete coincidence that I chose two pictures where I am wearing the exact same shirt, lol.
  2. Well one cool thing about the number 83 is that it comes directly after the number 82, which is my number. Being in close proximity to each other simply means that we automatically become friends. *bro-hoof*
  3. This might be one of the most standard pairings of the bunch (and I've noticed has already been mentioned a few times in the thread before), but one of my favorite shippings is that of Applejack and Rainbow Dash. They are insanely compatible for each other - both very stubborn, both athletic and hardheaded, their interactions are absolutely adorable when they share screen time together (even the random moments where Rainbow Dash is hiding behind/on Applejack's back when the parasprites invade or as someone mentioned how AJ didn't lie when RD flew off, how her last memory of friendship involved RD, and how RD tackled AJ at the end); especially in Fall Weather Friends, where they show off their chemistry even as they're bringing out the most ruthless competition for each other. The positive ending cements the friendship they have for each other, and honestly it seems like they'd be great for each other - very supportive and both strong in nature, they would have each others' backs against the world. I also don't really mind the Twilight Sparkle x Luna pairing, or Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash - I have a thing for the Pegasus love.
  4. Me likey the Bhams! Though ponies, they drive me to insomnia :G
  5. Haven't been part of a forum launch in a long time, but this is definitely one of the smoothest and most active I've ever been part of! Great work everypony! I really like the emoticons and the entire layout is 20% cooler than any other forum I've frequented. Love the backdrop.
  6. I haven't dressed up for Halloween in thirteen years and probably won't make the effort to this year either, but if I did I would either go as Twilight Sparkle or as an OC for Skies of Arcadia. Always wanted to dress up as a pirate, arghhhh.
  7. That alicorn family is just made of trolls. Fantastic ones, at that. I'm also looking forward to the canon version of Luna's personality - the fandom has certainly made a well established character out of her, but it will be neat to finally see how the creators intended her to be. I wouldn't be surprised if she were similar to many bronies' interpretations after all.
  8. Ah, I've heard about a lot of people getting headaches from the full-on 3D effects, but I'm either hardheaded or have an eyesight that negates it because I don't have any such problems. I did notice some small ghosting issues in Ocarina of Time (the first heart container you get after defeating Gohma didn't even sync up the two images, it appeared as two floating hearts for me lol!), but that wasn't too distracting or annoying. The experience was pretty solid anyway.
  9. It would either have something to do with writing (a feather quill, perhaps?) or maybe a light bulb, because I have tons of inspiring ideas that just seem to pop out of nowhere. Either that or maybe it would be a specter or something. Because Ponyville needs a ghost expert. ;D (Which I am not, but in Ponyville, anything is possible, right?)
  10. I have the Mane 6 listed, from most liked to least preferable: 1) Fluttershy 2) Twilight Sparkle 3) Rarity 4) Pinkie Pie 5/6) Rainbow Dash/Applejack (the two are interchangeable for me) I like all of them for their own quirks and personality, but the top three appeal more to me than the rest. My favorite pony outside of the mane six is either Big Macintosh (Eeeeyup), Luna, or Trollestia (ahem, Princess Celestia). Favorite non-pony character would be Discord. That guy was so badass, and LOVED his voice. <3 Edit: @Chrome - Um... unicorns?
  11. I've been completely open about it to my friends - if they asked me what I've been up to and the answer was watching an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, then I'll tell them so. This was true even back when I first became a fledgling brony in April - I told my Mom and she groaned, telling me that she was thankful I disliked MLP back in the 90s and couldn't understand why, at 19 (now 20), I would be getting into it. I showed her the animation and gave a spiel about how the writing was solid, characters had distinct personalities, and the creators of the show loved to throw in easter eggs for their fans, and she stopped judging. Haven't told her about it since, though she did happen to laugh when I visited my best friend in Nova Scotia and one of the first things we did together was buy some of the Mane 6 from Walmart and Toys R Us. Speaking of my best friend, when I told her over webcam she was incredulous, jokingly telling me that she'd disown me as a friend for watching it. I made her sit down with me and watch a few episodes when I flew over, and she got hooked. She's now a full fledged brony and eagerly anticipates the new episodes on Saturdays just as much as I do. It's fun to have discussions with her after each episode airs. The Smash Bros. Club at the University of Victoria is pretty much a closet MLP:FiM club in disguise - nearly everyone watches and references it when we meet on Wednesdays. A few of them have bought the shirts from WeLoveFine - it's pretty awesome to know people who like it in real life. Anyone I've mentioned it to either knows of the bronies or is a closet brony themselves. You really get to know someone when you talk about ponies.
  12. I got the Aqua Blue colored 3DS as a random friendship present from my best friend ever on June 9th, ten days before Ocarina of Time 3DS came out. Toys R Us was having a special deal where if you bought the 3DS, they would throw in a pack of free rainbow colored styluses (the kind which do not fit in the system, har har) and a Nintendogs + Cats game for only $10.When we got back to her house and started fiddling with it, I could tell that she really liked the system too - so I drove us back to the mall that day and bought her her very own black 3DS! It's a pretty lulzy story, and everyone who's heard it has asked: "What is the point? You could have just bought your own." While that is true, I believe it was a lot more meaningful and special this way. A lesson that Twilight Sparkle could very well write in a letter to Princess Celestia, I daresay! I only own two games for the 3DS at the moment (not counting the free games for the Ambassadors and the recent release of Zelda: Four Swords, which is fantastic to play multi-player), and they are the aforementioned Nintendogs + Cats and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. I have not played the former too much since the initial purchase, but anyone that knows me knows of my profound love for Zelda! I really like what they did with Ocarina of Time, and it is my dream that someday they will make a portable version of Majora's Mask. That is my current all-time fav Zelda game - we'll see if Skyward Sword or any other can top it for me! I have been occasionally glancing at Star Fox 64 3D because I really enjoyed the game back in the 1990s, but I do have it on my Wii and the original cartridge is in storage somewhere, so I'm not sure if I'm willing to drop $40 on it yet. It is a great game in itself but the main game is so short! I know it's all about the replayability in collecting the medals and achieving the highest scores, but I am more attracted to stories than scores so... if it had online multiplayer, I probably would have picked it up, but for now we'll just have to wait and see. Did find it cool it was released just before my birthday, though. Star Fox has a tendency of cropping up in early September. The other games I'm looking forward to are Mario (which is a given, though I'm not as much a fan of the series as I used to be - that said, SMG2 was fantastic), Tales of the Abyss (I am a fan of the Tales of series and have never owned a PS2, so I'm thrilled to finally get the opportunity to play it), Paper Mario (love these games!), and Luigi's Mansion 2. The one purchase I will be guaranteed to make as close to release as possible is likely Mario Kart 7, though maybe I'll just drop hints to my family instead in December to save myself some funds since I already have to spend around $300 in flights for the holidays.
  13. I remember reading about this on Equestria Daily - this is what they had posted as the synopsis: I also saw a leaked image of Luna wearing a hood and having an oddly maniacal grin on her face, so I am definitely excited to see where this leads. Luna was an important character in the first two episodes of season one, and then she completely dropped off the face of Equestria! At least Celestia mentioned her at the start of season two, but still, you would think she could have at least had a cameo here or there. I don't remember seeing her at the celebratory ceremony at the end of S2E02 either. I have read a few fanfictions that have really sparked my interest in Luna, so I'm glad that she's finally making another appearance in the show. Took long enough!