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Well, I'm a 16 year old bisexual atheist (ex-Mormon) living in NY State. I enjoy video games, drawing, and most importantly: Nitpicking!...But I'll try to restrain myself in serious situations.


Aside from MLP, I enjoy Megaman, FMA, Kamen Rider, Bionicle, Doctor Who, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and tons of other stuff.


I dunno, I guess you guys should give me some questions to answer!

[Forgot to mention: I consider myself a Furry. I guess, kinda new to many things right now!]

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Hey! That's pretty cool, pal! Welcome aboard! Another Megaman fan? What's your favorite Megaman series?

Well, I guess it's either the X or the Zero series. If I remember correctly, I think Zero (1) might have been the first game in the series I had played.

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Well, I tend to have communication errors. For example, when I tell a joke flat out, people take it seriously. Even if it's outlandish and melodramatic, the execution throws people off.


Oh yeah, I'm also an advanced government-made AI. That probably explains everything.

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