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Movie with original show elements, Mane 6, and other things

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Equestria Girls is primarily a spin off franchise. We should have a real movie distributed in theaters worldwide to go up against giants such as Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks. The movie I desire and want to make myself will have much of what makes the original show great, the Mane 6 in the, well, main roles, and a new character to join the cast, a green stallion named Emerald Wishes (voiced by me) that the Mane 6 along with the alicorn princesses help reach out to with the magic of friendship, building him back up, of course a daunting first time task for the Mane 6. You see, Emerald Wishes is this character who was a student of Princess Celestia's and felt like she was a second mother to him, after his real parents died under mysterious circumstances (he witnessed their death as a colt, so he has a secret). After being invited to the Royal Wedding, he overhears that babble about Twilight Sparkle not being invited to the wedding, a character that he is madly in love with, and thinks in his exaggerated mind that Twilight's closest buds have betrayed her. Things don't get any better after he witnesses Queen Chrysalis knock Princess Celestia unconscious whilst defending her country, and believes that Chrysalis killed her (heck, if your mother or father was knocked out whilst trying to protect you, wouldn't you feel the same way?). Attempting to flee from the horror, he steps into a magic mirror which transports him to the human world (not like Equestria Girls, but the real, live action, human world with everything from New York to Tennessee to Georgia to Texas to Utah and finally to California.) There he gains more power and magic going back and forth from Equestria to America and learning all the ins and outs of the human world over the course of 12 years. After 12 years, he comes back to Equestria fully trained and ready to kill Queen Chrysalis and her entire changeling race, only to eventually discover that not only was he wrong about Twilight's betrayal and Celestia's death, but also that revenge and violence is not the way and that friendship is the strongest magic (Should I just accept that in the fictional cartoon land of Equestria friendship is the strongest magic?) I want a movie like this to have so many of the elements that we have come to love in the show. Right now the show itself is writing my movie or Hasbro's movie. Hope that no one is offended about my brief bio of the character Emerald Wishes. He's a character that learns that friendship is magic, and the Mane 6 have to cope with the task of sharing that magic with him and make him "sparkle and shine".



One time while posting on this forum one of you stated something about Hasbro not wanting me to have my Emerald Wishes character as an autistic pony, because they wouldn't want to take a risk or do daring things like I do.

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