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Thoughts MLP mane six origin creepy pasta?

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Just wanted to ask what you all thought of this creepy pasta story on the origin of the mane six having originally been human and reincarnating into Equestria as ponies.

Trigger warning this gets very depressing.and dark so if you're not into such stories DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!





The creepy pasta story basically states that the mane six and possibly by extension other ponies didn't originate as ponies but rather were lost souls of children that lived and died horrific lives and thus unjustly denied the dreams they so badly wanted as humans.


Rainbow Dash was the weakest and slowest girl in her entire school. She was constantly teased about it by everyone. So much so that she got to the point where she became obsessed with getting faster, stronger etc but no matter what she tried she kept failing over and over leading to even harsher jests.

Finally, she turned to very VERY dangerous and illegal drugs which is what led to her death as body could not take the abuse she was putting it through.

Thus this is why Dash as a pony has such an ego about being the best athlete because at a subconscious level her mind believes if she is anything short of that and her friends and family will no longer love her.


Rarity grew up dirt poor with her family and although they did love her they simply could barely afford food some days. Despite her best efforts to self study fashion no one cared for her designs and to keep her family from starving to death she had no choice but to become a prostitute and was killed after being robbed. She died, crying and all alone from stab wounds forgotten in a dark ally wondering what it would be like to be a "someone", to be popular and successful.

Any damage or flaw in one of her designs as a pony terrifies her inner mind of fearing a return to life on the streets.


Applejack was was an only child growing on the farm and had to work EXTREMELY hard on that farm with the only family being her father and mother. She quite literally ended up working herself to death when her parents grew deathly ill from an unknown disease they caught and she had to handle it all alone longing for siblings and cousins she never had before. Her overprotective nature and fierce loyalty to her family as a pony coming from the fear of the loneliness she has as an only child in this life.


Pinkie Pie grew up in a very old and very strict community of religious fanatics. 

She was by no means evil and only wanted to have some fun different from the dull, meaningless existence that was forced on her.

The leader of the religious group unjustly declared Pinkie was in league with the devil himself and she was tortured, starved and beaten so horribly she went insane from their attempts to "purify" her of these "wicked thoughts" until she.coukd take it no more and she killed herself.

All she ever wanted.were friends and family she could have fun with.


Fluttershy grew up with highly abusive family that loved to see her in as much pain as they could post manage. The dad was an alcoholic constantly taking his rage out on her: beatings, cigar burns, stealing her money but forcing her to do all the work of a job etc and the mother was just as cruel and vicious as the father often taunting and belittling her even further.

She died of broken heart and mind when her parents found out her secretly taking care of a cat she found outside. They were furious at her and forced her to kill the only friend she ever knew. The act crushed her mind and soul so badly her body simply gave out when she realized she would never find the family or friends her heart so madly wanted.  Hence why as a pony she is terrified of everything as her mind fears the abuse she once suffered so long ago. 


last but by no means least Twilight.


Twilight had learned the hard lesson her parents love was very conditional when at the age of 14 she messed up on a test and got a  B- instead of an A.

To most this would not be such a big but not to her parents.

Her parents beat and starved her nearly to death over it and told her this family would NEVER tolerate or love a failure like her 

She was forced to study and work on her education with very little rest ruthlessly by her parents as even the smallest of mistakes with her grades, school etc  had very huge punishments: if for example she was late with her homework for example they burned her skin.  Twilight pushed her mind to absolute limits just to stay on their good side until she could just take no more and died a drug over dose when she took too many pills at once 

The episode lesson zero showing her subconscious mind's fear of failure and the resulting punishment she believed would follow  from Princess Celestia over her small failure as that is all she ever knew in her previous existence.


anyways, that is the dark origins theory on the mane six what are your thoughts on this?


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