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I've been quite a fan of the old MLP for a long time, but it certainly was never one of my favourite shows. It was the cutest though, and I was looking forward to the G4 version after knowing that Lauren Faust had something to do with it. Lauren Faust has participated in many projects that I also loved, like the Powerpuff Girls or the Iron Giant.


However, the new version was not what I expected. It didn't have what I was looking for from a perfected MLP, It just had better designs overall, more human-like expressions, which were welcome. But everything else from it was not quite good for me.


It's not dissappointing as a remake, but it could have been MUCH better, and especially MORE, MUCH MORE original.


But I can discuss those problems anywhere else. 


I went here to share certain opinions, and give the previous gens the love it deserves, here, anytime.


I only have to say to those who think I hate G4, no, I don't, it's good its own way and I like it, and I'm willing to watch the entire S5 when it comes out to see more surprises. They surprised me with Tirek, my favourite character from previous gens and from the franchise, and the new version also is, so they can probably surprise me more.


I've loved Applejack since the beginning.

Pinkie Pie, while annoying to me, has a GREAT personality as a character.

RD, brags too much, but se has the best design.

Fluttershy makes me think of myself when I was young.

Rarity is quite funny, and annoying at the same time.

Twilight is basically Belle with magical powers. Cool.

Spike does nothing, whyhe's still there?


Nightmare Moon had a great design and motivation, but didn't do anything evil

Discord was an unoriginal dark concept lowered down to children audiences.

Chrysalis succeeded far more than any villain, but wasn't interesting nor had a great defeat.

Sombra had the most potential, but they totally wasted it.

Sunset Shimmer was an enjoyable b*tch, she truly was unlikeable, but enjoyable.

Oh, and Diamond Tiara is annoying.

I don't really care for Gilda or Trixie, but they're cool.


Celestia is a good leader, though, she should act more often.

Luna was...cute.

I don't care about Derpy and whatever mental problem she has.

Lyra and Bon Bon are just there.

Same with Vynil Scratch (DJ-Pon3, what?) and Octavia, only that they have good designs.

Angel is just there to be hated.

The animals from the Everfree forest do nothing.


The morals are generic and clichéd.

The songs are good.

The episodes are fine.

There's nothing really bad about this show for what it is, just not my cup of tea.

THOUGH, if they return G1 ponies or villains, I'll be happy.



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