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I have everything I need except animators.


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So I have a full voice cast already for a production animation set, but my first idea is to make a parody of the song posted here:

I've already re-written the lyrics to match this. I'll post them down below as they're mainly about my OC & Princess Twilight Sparkle set after a few years of the fourth season, but it's all AU so it's not really mega super important.

It's really just a joke, really. Yes Heroic Tea turns into an alicorn in his own 'season finale' but it's mean for shiz and giggles. He's not really supposed to be taken seriously. Though this is for the fun of it, and I'm not holding any deadlines or rushing anypony for this project.

Take your time with submissions, email me please or add me on Skype. I've got already my voice actresses/actors for this, now I just need animators. I dont need musicians or anything or of the sort - and while I'd prefer my animation to be topnotch like Jan's, it doesnt even have to be. It could be My Little Portal style and we can take our time on it.

Pretty much its telling my OC's Heroic Tea's; epic story in parts and skits and segments and songs rather than a big movie which will just take up time. I have lyricsts, singers, voice actreses etc. I just need a few animators. Maybe 3 to 5 would be fine. I need vector artists/puppet artists. Either one would count if I could get at least 1-3 of those. 


So what I really need is puppeters or vectors 


Slots open (random number, various it depends)


Animators - (Though the more the merrier of course! & I have a few slots 'pending' for animators)







Here are the voices that I have so far for the cannon cast


Rarity, Sweetie Belle & Pinkie Pie - https://www.youtube.com/user/otiscat123
Here are the lyrics to the parody: 

Twilight: “I’m sorry Hero. But as future Prince of the land someday you just can’t be constantly slacking on your royal duties and training!”

Heroic Tea: Well when I’m Prince that’ll be the first thing to go.

Twilight: Not as long as I and the other Alicorns are around you’re not!

Heroic Tea: Well when I’m a stallion someday I’ll just runaway and start a Democracy with Princess Luna!

Twilight: How – di, bu –

-Singing Starts.-

Heroic Tea:

I’m gonna be a MIGHTY PRINCE with wings beyond COMPARE!


Well I’ve never seen a ‘little prince’ with such boring ‘hair’.

Heroic Tea:

My magic will be the ‘mane’ event! Ten times the size of yours!
My magic would be strong enough to sway a thousand MANTICORES!


Less than rather, uninspiring thing…

Heroic Tea:

Oh just can’t WAIT, to be PRINCEEEEEE!


You’ve got a LOOONG way to go my student, if you think YOU’RE good enough for –

Heroic Tea:

Nopony says stop that!


Now stop that!

Heroic Tea:

Nopony says be hereeeee!



Heroic Tea:

I won’t listen to what you SAY!


Oh Sweet Celestia…

Heroic Tea:

I’ll be going on my own wayyyyyy!


I think it’s time your parents came in for a little talk!

Heroic Tea:

I outgrew those parent-teacher meetings a way long time ago!


If this is where the monarchy is headed COUNT ME IN!
For an aspirin?
For a stiff CIDER!
Before the headaches wiiiiin!
Oh this colt is getting wildly out of wiiiing!

Heroic Tea:

Oh just can’t WAIT, to be PRINCEEEEEE!
Everypony look East!
Everypony look West!
Everywhere you look there’s – I’m the greatest!




Let everypony go party and siiiing. [Pinkie Pie: PARTAAAYYY!!!]
Let’s proclaim it so loud across the landdddddd!
Prince Heroic Tea is the one and only of them allll!!!!

Heroic Tea:

Oh just can’t WAIT, to be PRINCEEEEEE!
Oh just can’t WAIT, to be PRINCEEEEEE!

Oh just can’t WAIT…


My Skype is TheBigAnimation & My Email is juliawirth91@yahoo.com please spread the word and lemme know if your interested!

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