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Hmm... let's see. In the one Roleplaying is Magic session I played in with my friend(and her cousins) I made a pegasus named Windy Paradise and that's been 'my little pony' ever since. Sadly I could never think of a cutie mark for him so sorry folks. I'm sure I'll figure one out eventually.


 I'm a Ginger and proud of it. I enjoy reading, swimming, drawing maps, Strategy and/or Roleplaying. 

Favorite Book: Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson.


Favorite Boardgame: Hmm... Risk or Catan(Super-Catan).


Least Favorite Color: Pale Light Blue, light a kind of foggy light blue.


I'm also not sure what else to say so go ahead and ask. I won't be on for a while but when I get back from a short trip I promise to respond right away. 

 Free Brohoof for everybody! /) /) /) /) /) /) +ect...

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