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Planning MLP Nations; Peace, Trade and War [OOC, Discuss, War, Dark, Politics, Adventure]

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Nation Info: http://mlpforums.com/topic/120525-ooc-mlp-nation-info/


Nation Politics RP Thread: http://mlpforums.com/topic/120527-mlp-nations-politics-rp-thread/


Commonfolk RP Thread: http://mlpforums.com/topic/120526-mlp-nations-commonfolk-rp-thread/



Politics, a dastardly thing that seems to exist everywhere where large populations are concerned. Equestria and the lands beyond are divided up into nations vying for resources, diplomacy, trade, and WAR. However, the leaders of these nations do not hold all the power. The very races that live and travel in between these nations play important roles as well and can decide the fate of a nation itself. What will this era's stories be, what nation's histories will be written or even destroyed. Will you be a nation, a leader, one of the commonfolk, a rebel, endless possibilities lay before you in.... MLP NATIONS!



So basically this RP is about you, The Roleplayer, playing as either an OC or Canon Nation or character or even both. This RP involves about 4 threads total which this one is included in. This is the focus of OOC chat, and general RP thread rules and such. The Nation info page will tell who owns what nation and included all information regarding the different nations. There will also be a section including events that are happening to the nation both good and bad such as Tsunami's, earthquakes, celebrations, donations, etc. Then we have the two RP threads. One is for the more political part, involving strategical movement of troops, trade agreements, interactions between nation leaders etc. etc. etc. Then we have the commonfolk RP. Whatever happens in the politics RP thread will have some sort of effect on the RPers of the commonfolk thread so keep an eye out. Your nation may suddenly come under attack or be introduced to a new trade partner, making you earn extra bits. The commonfolk is for OC and Canon characters that aren't really the leaders of the nations, however, nation leaders may take part in the commonfolk RP thread. Just because your character starts in the commonfolk thread doesn't mean they can't somehow be involved in the politics thread. So basically politics thread is involved with nations, their leaders, and advisors. You could even seize power of a nation through various means...




1. No Gary-sue/Mary-sue Nations or OC's

2. No Metagaming or OPing your nation/OC (Your OC can be 2/3's the strength of Luna or Celestia with 1 stat that is equal to their skill)

3. No Godmodding. Don't take control of other peoples characters.

4. Don't RP before being accepted. This is rude and will get you banned.

5. You must have your OC leader approved before you create your nation. Add "Leader for OC Nation" is your reply next to the link of your OC if you want to apply for them being a leader of an OC nation. Once accepted then you may create your nation.

6. Don't break global rules, obviously.

7. What the Mod's of this RP say, go. If your nation is experiencing an event you don't like, deal with it. It's not a permanent event and can maybe be solved through good RPing. (Me, Safer-Stormgiggle, and Silentflight are the mods)

8. Post where we can read. "I no lik redin diz otay." and no using l33t speech and such.

9. Give us something to read. 200 characters is okay, but try to be more descriptive and paint us a vivid picture.

10. Don't join if you don't plan on staying for a while.

11. Be reliable, just post 1 time at  least every 1-2 days. Not too much to ask I dont think.

12. If you have to leave for whatever reason, tell us! Don't just abandon the game without any word whatsoever.

13. No killing OC's unless given permission. Nation Warfare on the other hoof is another matter entirely. Will fall into the Dice Roller system we will be using. You may overthrow a leader or w/e, but depending on military strength and other modifiers you may find your own military may be the one left in ruin. Also the leader of the defending nation will be fighting on their home turf, so expect them to receive some advantages. They may turn the tables and overthrow your nation. This mainly goes for Nation capital battles. Just skirmish battles that involve gaining ground are modified differently. This mainly goes if you are trying to overthrow/wipe out an enemy nation.

14. If you are overthrown then you can take back your nation either by trying to incite a rebellion (Dice Rolls) or trying to get another nation to fight on your behalf. If you have other good ideas on how to restore your nation, PM me and we will discuss : )

15. Canons are available for claims, but you must fill out the OC character sheet and/or Nation sheet, but given a bunch of the nation stats and Canon histories and such are vague the standards will be somewhat lower for the canon nations of Equestria and the Crystal empire. This also goes for most canon Characters.

16. Also, don't abuse or bully other players, they're here to have fun too. If you don't like something, tell one of the mods.

17. I would like to keep war tech at a sort of Medieval weapon age, but I will allow some gunpowder weapons. Any tech that isn't directly related to war such keeping it canon with the show. So doctors and such, you got em with their syringes and hospitals and such. Just weapons are a little slow in development. (My short explanation - Most nations didn't have too many violent confrontations so weapon development was slower then Infrastructure and social technology development.)

18. Future rules may be added, but these are just the basics heheh ^.^"


Nation Sheet


Nation Name:

Government Type:

Flag/Symbol: (Optional)

Ruler(s) and title(s):

Environment: (And location in relation to equestria. I.E. North, south, etc.)

Two Primary Resources: (Timber, Gems, etc.)

Two Scarce Resources: (Timer, Gems, etc.)

General Race Composition: (What race(s) make up your nation's population)

General Race Description: (Clothing, Appearance. Does your nation's culture or environment make the race(s) skinner, taller, wear weird clothing ,etc?)

General Race Personality: (How does you nation's population react to each other and to others in general? Are they friendly, shy, aggressive, a bit lonersih, etc?)

Two Primary Nation Traits: (Warlike, Religious, Industrious, Etc.)

Culture and Description: (What belief systems, special language, special clothing, or perhaps caste system, etc do they have?)

Buildings: (How are their buildings and what are they made of, wood, stone, etc? Are they elegant spires, or ramshackle huts, etc.?)

Foreign Policy:


Quality of Life:

Military Power: (What weapons, branches of military, etc.)


Normal Theme Song: (Optional, basically a link to music to play in the background while your nation is involved in day to day affairs)

War Theme Song: (Optional, basically a link to music to play in the background while your nation is involved in warlike matters.)


Relations with other Nations: (Shouldn't really have any to begin with)

Current events affecting country: (Drought, Celebration, rioting, etc. These are subject to change by the Mods)


OC Characters and their owners (Nations will be on Nation info page):


The Shadow Stallion - Gunnar Iceaxe (Nation Leader) http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/gunnar-iceaxe-r7819


IllusivePony - Ahaban Steelwings http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/ahaban-steelwings-r7418

                      Fulani http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/fulani-assarani-hafu-r7827


skbl17 - Bright Idea http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/bright-idea-r7831

              Bronze Cane http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/bronze-cane-r7850


arkman575 - Iris Wind (Nation Leader) http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/iris-wind-r5809

                     Seth Eclipse http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/seth-eclipse-r5475


AmberDust - Princess Horizon Dust http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/princess-horizon-dust-r7832


Derplight Sperkle - Defiant Shadow http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/defiant-shadow-r7838


Stormgiggle - Crystal Tower http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/crystal-tower-r7837


Firehearted - Emperor IronClaw Headwind  (Nation Leader) http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/emperor-ironclaw-headwind-r7852

                      Atlas http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/atlas-r5445


Canons and who has them claimed (Nations will be on Nation info page):

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If you insist then. I'll do so unless you specify reasons why you couldn't meet your posting deadline, or if your actions at the time do not prohibit the progress of another role player.

@@The Shadow Stallion   At least now you got all the people you wanted.    P.S I don't think we would have had this explosion of interest if I didn't bump this thread couple of weeks ago...lol

Ah, but you're tactics only fool those who are willing to trust you once. Do it to many times and you'll become Germany after betraying the Russians. We all know how that went down. Perfect timing to

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This sounds fairly interesting. I will join in.


Just an fyi, I am currently on a trip so I won't be able to post for about a week and a half in a RP. Though I am currently on an iPad so I can work on this thread for now

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Fascinating. I had a similar idea in mind a month back. I give you a tip of the hat to creating it. If I may join, I would like to propose the nation of the Wolven Empire. Basically, wolves ran by an elected head of state (empire is just an old title). I would love to go in death, but I feel that would be for later. As for now, may I request to join?

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Yes you may request it, but you may not be accepted. Besides this is just a thread to see if anybrony would be interested in doing it. Its not quite set up yet lol

Again this thread is more or less made to see how many people would be actually interested in doing this. I've gotten a good number of people, but at least 2-3 more people and I'll set up the actual OOC RP thread and then the other 2 RP Threads and we can start doing this thing.


Again I will be needing some dedication from you guys that want to actually do this. At least try 1 post every 1-2days.

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I should be able to manage that. Though I prefer to be on my PC for typing up such posts, if need be I will use my iPad, though I may not have an Internet connection over the next week starting Monday :(

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It's alright, The rule mainly goes for RPers playing as Nation leaders. I mean how weird is it if a Nation basically gets stopped in time for an entire week with nothing going on? Free Attack of Opportunity.

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May I please join? I probably can handle the "post every day" thing. I'll just be a part of any empire, or a guard captain. I can't wait!

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Maybe 6-7 might be a little too much to ask, since this search has been up for at least 2 weeks  :(

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The idea has unique pose to it. Rather then simple characters, its the role of nations we take.


Id like to join up. Saddle Arabia will earns its recognition as a respectable nation ! :sneer:

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The reason I say 6-7 is that I know some people will leave without a word, At worst probably 3-4. So if we start with 6-7 people and lose 3-4 we will still have say 2-4 RPers not counting myself. Its just a bit of a superstition I have so please just humor me. 1 more person and I'll get to setting up a character and nation sheet. I want to know that the work I'll be putting into this RP won't be wasted. With many RPers the chance of this RP being abandoned in the first two days will be greatly diminished.

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Sure notification bar, not work right. Good there there is that recent content or I never notice this...


My country is not going to be the best place to live. It's going to have a powerful alicorn in the background controlling a country with a changeling secret police. And the big brother figure will be a Fluffle Puff like pony.

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I should mention if you want an OC nation your character has to be approved before the nation.


Anyhow I guess I should say one of the ones I will be controlling is Norse themed. Viking ponies if you would. Mix of Earth ponies, Unicorn, and Pegasi. Leader will be a young Warchief/Oberjarl. Rough life, rough customs, and very very warlike.

But you can already come up with ideas for nations and such. Just remember you might have to temper your OC as to not OP them.

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Crud.... I was hoping I would get to be lazy and no one would show up. Grrrrr now I got to come up with this idea.... Give me some time, It will take some if I am to do this correctly alright .3.


From Henceforth the RP will be made, but will be a WIP as I setup the nation sheet, OC sheet, etc.

Alright everypony I have a rough draft of what the Nation OC sheet will look like and I want OPINIONS on it. Don't use it to submit a nation quite yet as this is SUBJECT TO CHANGE!


Name of Nation:

Government Type: Democracy, Monarchy, etc. (You can even describe what kind of govt. it is)

Leader and their Title:

Symbol/flag: Optional

Environment (And location in relation to canterlet, basically north south etc): Describe what kind of environment is generally seen in your nation or if you have a mix of environments tell about them as well.

Two Primary Resources: (Anything from Apples, to Timber, to good Iron, etc. This is what your nation will mainly trade in)

General Race Composition: (Basically what race or races comprise the general population of your nation)

General Race Description: (This is mainly for single race nations but can work for multiples. Is the breed of pony or w/e here different then ponies and such born elsewhere? Are they larger, smaller, weaker, stronger? Don't OP this)

General Race Personality: How does the race act towards newcomers, friends, are they forgiving or hold a grudge. Every nation has a general reputation for their personality what is yours?

2 Primary Nation Traits: (Warlike, Industrious, Peaceful, Techy, etc.)

Culture and Description: This may fall in with Race personality, but a tell a bit about the culture. Any general or specific beliefs?  Superstitions? etc.?

Buildings: Optional. Basically what materials does your empire generally use in the construction of their buildings, fortifications, etc. What are your buildings made from. Stone, Straw, Wood, etc.

History of the nation:

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I am impressed with the layout so far of the nation sheet. However, if I may suggest, would it be to possibly add the weakness of the nation, or should that be kept secret?

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This sounds like it could be fun!  ^_^ I've always wanted to rule my own kingdom! Count me in! 


In regards to the nation sheet, it seems very in depth to me, but I think we should also have two resources that our nations are lacking in. That way, we'll have to trade with other countries if we want to have those resources.

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Saddle Arabia

Monarchy lead by:

Fulani Assaharin-hafu

Ismina Assaharin-hafu

Flag: A four pointed star crossed by two scimitars with a yellow background.


Terrain: Western coastline: Scattered villages and major Ports.

Southern deserts: scattered villages and military outposts.

Northern plains: Urban cities and villages. Apple orchards and plantations.

Eastern mountains/deserts: urban cities, Capitol city. Military installations.


Exports/ resources: Oil and fruits (mostly apples)


Races: All pony races exist, mostly pegasi and earth ponies. Unicorns are generally among royal families.


Behavior: Arabians uphold a high sense of honor. Whilst hesitant about dealing with a foreign countries they are utmost cooperative to their own benefits.


Traits: Industrial and Militarized (military prepareness) .


Culture: The Arabians value the stars as omnipotent guardians and their culture revolves around the fortune and guidance of the divine stars.


Materials: Urban cities are constructed with materials such as mortar, concrete and steel.

Village homes are of mortar clay and wood.


History will be work in progress.

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Following on weaknesses maybe a nation should have two, one everyone knows about and another that no one knows. 

While you're at it maybe a strength, something that puts that nation apart.


Tech levels? I'm assume we're working off of the show but if we go long enough maybe technological advances could take place.


And how will the passage of time work?

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I think a better term of weakness could be a dependency of trade.


For Saddle Arabia for example, Lumber is a very low quantity so they have a higher dependency on trade for lumber.

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I didn't realize we were making our nations yet! Well, here's mine. I also took the liberty of adding a few categories that I believe will be helpful! 


Name: Medeis


Government: Magocracy - The government is run entirely by unicorns, pegasi and earth ponies are generally forbidden from holding office. The leader is known as the High Magi, and his/her rule is absolute. The High Magi rules for life, and may only be lawfully overthrown if he/she loses in a magical duel to another unicorn. When the High Magi dies, a magic competition is held to determine the strongest magic users in the land; any able bodied unicorn may participate. After this competition, the ponies of Medeis vote on which one of the winners of the competition they want to become the High Magi. Any resident of Medeis may vote, including earth ponies, pegasi, and diamond dogs. After the High Magi is elected, the other winners of the competition become Magi, a position of great power and responsibility. Magi are usually in charge of the day to day operations of the country, but the High Magi has the final say in all things. The High Magi may promote a unicorn to the rank of Magi if he so desires, as long as the would-be Magi is a competent magic user, and he may also remove Magi from office.


Ruler: High Magi Ivory Tower


Environment: Medeis is located in a vast, inhospitable wasteland far south of Canterlot. The country is almost entirely comprised of jagged mountain peaks and gravelly wastelands. Travel on foot is almost impossible, and the land is usually traversed by air, teleportation, and underground tunnels. There are a few volcanoes to the far east, but most ponies avoid living anywhere near those. Weather is not regulated by pegasi in Medeis, and storms come and go as they please.


Two Primary Resources:


Magical Knowledge: The unicorns of Medeis have been studying magic for thousands of years. There are vast libraries dedicated solely to magic, and the magical universities are considered some of the best in Equestria. However, the residents of Medeis are very hesitant to share their magical know-how with outsiders. Magical Universities and libraries are barred to all but unicorn residents of Medeis.


Gems: There are sizable veins of rare gemstones scattered all throughout Medeis, thanks to the nearby volcanic activity. Gems from Medeis are well known for their purity and size.


Two Resources that are Scarce:


Food: The harsh, rocky terrain of Medeis is not suitable for farming or raising livestock. Although some mushrooms are grown underground, not enough food is grown to support the entire country. Most of the food is generally imported into Medeis from other nations.


Wood: There are no forests in Medeis. Although most residents of Medeis have found ways to live without wood based products, what wood they do need must be imported. Paper especially is in high demand, and fetches a pretty penny.


General Race Composition: Medeis is mostly comprised of unicorns and earth ponies. Very few Pegasi live in Medeis. Many diamond dogs also live in Medeis.


General Race Description:​ The unicorns of Medeis are renowned for their magical talent and ability. The earth ponies here are infamous for being terrible at growing plants and dealing with nature, but they do fairly well at mining, and so for the most part remain underground.


General Race Personality: They are welcoming towards most outsiders, but are extremely suspicious of any unicorn visitors.  Any unicorn coming from another land to Medeis must at all times be accompanied by a guard, and they are forbidden from wearing a ridiculous hat. Foreign unicorns are not allowed to immigrate to Medeis, and are not allowed to visit the nation for longer than one month. The unicorns of Medeis tend to be snobbish and narcissistic, but they are very loyal to their friends and allies. Diamond Dogs that live here tend to be far more cultured then their brethren in the wild.


2 Primary Nation Traits: Magical and Isolated.


Culture and Description: The unicorns of Medeis are well known for wearing silly hats. The more ridiculous the hat, the higher the unicorn's social and political standing. It is considered an extreme faux pas for a unicorn to not wear a silly hat in public. Is is usually up to the individual unicorn exactly how silly they want their hat to be, but care must be taken. If they choose a hat that is sillier then their current social standing will allow, they will be openly mocked by other unicorns for thinking too highly of themselves. Wearing a hat that isn't silly enough is considered an insult to yourself and everypony around you. The High Magi is known for wearing a extremely old and silly hat. This hat is regarded as a symbol of the position of High Magi, and has been around for thousands of years. Other races besides unicorns may wear silly hats if they so desire, but very few do. The population of Medeis are very superstitious about Lord Venenifer. They believe he still haunts his old labyrinth, and will someday come back from the dead to claim dominion over the land once again. Merely saying his name is considered extremely bad luck.


Buildings: Almost all the inhabitants of Medeis live in vast underground complexes tunneled under the mountains. There are very few above ground entrances to these underground cities, and those are guarded by large strongholds. Most of these complexes are joined with one another by long tunnels, but these tunnels are maze like in construction, and you can easily get lost in them if you don't know the way. The only two notable structures that are built above ground are the High Magi's Tower and the trade city of Permutatio. The High Magi's tower is built in the middle of a large crater lake, and is built out of a nigh-indestructible magical crystal. The only entrance into this tower is through a large underground military base. This tower is the seat of all government in Medeis, and contains a massive library containing knowledge on magic. The trade city of Permutatio is on the north most corner of Medeis, and it is used exclusively for trade with other nations.


Foreign Policy: Besides trade, Medeis tends to keep out of global politics as much as possible. However, they are very respectful of Equestria, and of the alicorn princesses.


History: Medeis was founded by a powerful unicorn that went by the name Lord Venenifer. He was a cruel tyrant, who ruled over his people with an iron fist. He ruled the land from his underground labyrinth for hundreds of years until he eventually died of old age. When he died, it left a large vacuum of power which threatened to throw the entire nation into civil war. The most powerful unicorns in the land then convened to discuss what should be done to keep the country together. From this meeting came the basis of the current government. The first High Magi was determined by the first ever competition, and the land remained whole. But the peace did not last long. In these times, earth ponies were treated as little more than slaves. The earth ponies begin demanding more rights and threatened a rebellion if their demands were not met. Unwilling to risk an open rebellion, the High Magi of the time begrudgingly agreed to allow earth ponies more freedom. He allowed them a say in the government by making the rank of High Magi an elected position, and gave them almost all the same rights as unicorns. This prevented a rebellion, but it did not fully disperse the tension between the two races.


Quality of Life: Most ponies make enough money to live comfortably, and are easily able to afford the basic necessities needed for a healthy life.


Military Power: There are two branches of the military, the Home Guard and the War Wizards. The Home Guard is mostly comprised of earth ponies and a few diamond dogs. In times of peace they act as a police force, but may be called out to fight in a war. They are at all times equipped with full plate armor and their favored tactic is to rush headlong into the enemy, trusting their armor to protect them, and then tackle the enemy to the ground where they will then proceed to beat their foe into submission using their metal clad hooves. The other branch of the military, the War Wizards, is made up entirely of unicorns. War Wizards are well known for their signature weapons, the telum. Telum are a collection of small to medium sized sharp metal spikes, which are contained in a small pouch that the War Wizard always carries with them. In combat these spikes are whipped about using telekinesis, and can eviscerate unarmored or lightly armored opponents in seconds.  Unfortunately, telum aren’t very effective against armored opponents, as the metal spikes have trouble penetrating armor. War Wizards do have offensive magic, but they generally prefer to use their telum in combat, as all but the most powerful unicorns can only use a few offensive spells before tiring out. They don’t wear any armor in combat, as they prefer to remain mobile. 

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Name of Nation: The Griffon Kingdom


Government Type: Somewhat Decentralized Monarchy

While the Emperor holds complete power he doesn't use it. Officially and traditionally he only holds a single city, the capitol, Talon, however he has many, many vassals which in turn hold their own vassals. The Emperor himself has little to do with leadership on the local level leaving it to his vassals. Should the need arise however he can take direct control of an area though it isn't too popular with his vassals.









A product of this is there are two different kinds of armies: the National Army and the Baron's Armies. The National Army, which is controlled directly by the Emperor, is by far the largest, most organized, and most well equipped but in time of war it may only take up a small portion of the nation's troops. The Baron's Armies are the army of each Baron or Count or Lord in the land collectively know as Baron's Armies. A man of title owns his own private troops he uses in his own lands the same way the Emperor would use his own or, often times, to fight proxy wars with other men of titles. Proxy wars are usually restricted to Barons, the lowest title, and are usually put down by their Count. Baron's Armies are rallied in times of war and more-or-less join the National Army to fight.


Leader and their Title: Emperor IronClaw Headwind


Environment: Describe what kind of environment is generally seen in your nation or if you have a mix of environments tell about them as well. The northern portion of the county is mostly snow capped mountains and holds the more civilized cities.

The midland of the country is mostly hills controlled by the Counts and Barons of the Kingdom who set about mining the hills for the metals inside.

The farsouth is somewhat flat land used for farming. The land however isn't fertile and the best that can be grown are potatoes and wheat.

The Country is Northwest of Canterlot


Two Primary Resources: Metals (Iron, Tin, Copper), Timber

Scarce Resources: Foodstuffs (Except bread), Magical technology of any kind.


General Race Composition: Mostly Griffons. A large pony population lays to the southeast of the country most of which are serfs to Griffon Barons with very few Ponies holding titles. A single Zebra Baron resides in the far southwest governing a mostly Zebra population.


General Race Description: Your run-of-the-mill Griffon. Nothing special about them really. 


General Race Personality: How does the race act towards newcomers, friends, are they forgiving or hold a grudge. Every nation has a general reputation for their personality what is yours?


2 Primary Nation Traits: Industrious, Nationalistic


Culture and Description: 


Buildings: Depending on the part of the country depends on the buildings. In the Mountains cities are built outcropped out of the mountains and completely stone from the streets to the roofs. The farther you move south more wooden buildings appear in towns and villages with men of title's personal residences being made of stone. On the farthest southern border even a few Barons only have wooden fortifications.


History of the nation:

Long before the throne of Emperor was established the Griffon Kingdom was a large number of bickering counts and barons trying to claim supremacy over each other. War was common and famine regular.



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