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8 hour play-a-thon


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Well This is a thread about how I (currently right now) going through an 8 hour play. I will upload pictures in a bit. Ask me any questions you want about it :D


1st show- everypony laughed

2nd show- like 10 ponies laugh.

3rd show- everypony laughed.

4th-I gained a fanboy.

5th-Everypony laughed.

6th-Everypony cheerd.

7th-Everypony laughed.

8th-I made the audience laugh their asses off.

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Ah, and a fine passion indeed! Words are magic, as Shakespearealways said.


Eeyup, and I plan on taking a preforming arts college in new york.


And it is called the brothers grimm.


3rd show-everypony laughed at my lines.


4th show- I got a fanboy and he attacked me.

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Ah I see. Is someone recording it or something, or are the images all that will be posted here?


It is copyrighted to the bone. It's illegal to film it :c Its just going to be pics of the cast and backstage pics.
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Pitch black dark.


It might be hard to see it then. Would you be able to take a picture of the entire cast at the end of the day on stage with the stage lights on them?
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Thank you. Only 4 more hours to go before you've finally finished showing everypony. I presume that everypony is going to watch it at some point? Lemme see if I can guess how it is arranged: half of one grade sees each show, total of four grades and eight shows.

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