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movies/tv Fans of "Young Justice"


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Are there other fans of Young Justice here? If you haven't seen it, see it NOW. It is quite possibly the most awesome thing ever! I'd say it could become the greatest animated series ever.

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I've seen it, it's pretty awesome.


It reminds me of Teen Titans alot.

Speaking of which, I miss that show sooooooo much.

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I've watched a few episodes and can say it's pretty good...but it doesn't compare to Teen Titans(of which it is supposed to be the spiritual successor).


Not even close. This show was meant to be nothing like Teen Titans. Young Justice was made to act as a general adaptation of the DC universe. The writing is also gritty and dramatic. This show is serious and thought provoking, while Teen Titans was more campy.
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I'm hating this new episode its a flash forward 5 years with new members and new ships it sucks its the second season so I'm gonna ignore it

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Hoping for another revival, but enjoyed every moment of it.

Also YJ haul and then some







Heck the GL Animated Series is even adjacent canon.  So for the fun of it:




Big reason I especially looked for the thread is to spread my well crude attempt at a canon timeline or at least where the no-shows fit via timestamps and any detail.


1. Independence Day

2. Fireworks

- Young Justice #0: Inbetween the last two scenes of Fireworks.

- Young Justice #1-2: Set immediately after Fireworks.

- Young Justice #3-4: Set after #1-2.

3. Welcome to Happy Harbor

- Young Justice #5-6: Set a day before The Team's mission in Drop-Zone.

4. Drop-Zone

- Young Justice/Batman: The Brave and the Bold FCBD 2011: Set after Drop-Zone.

- Young Justice #7: Set before and during Schooled.

5. Schooled

- Young Justice #8: Continues from #7. Set during Schooled and leads into Infiltrator.


6. Infiltrator

- Young Justice #9-10: Set after the opening scene in Denial.

7. Denial

- Young Justice #11: Set during and after Denial.

8. Downtime

- Young Justice #12: Set shortly before Downtime.

- Young Justice #13: Set shortly before and during the beginning of Downtime.

9. Bereft

- Young Justice #14: The beginning is placed around Bereft, while the rest is after.

- Young Justice #15: Continues from #14 and is set shortly before Targets.

10. Targets

- Young Justice #16: Set during and after Targets.

- Young Justice #17: Continues from #16 and set after Targets.


11. Terrors

12. Homefront

13. Alpha Male

- Young Justice #18: Recaps the events of Terrors, Homefront and Alpha Male from which the comic follows.

- Young Justice #19: Continues from #18 with a timeskip to Year Five few months before #20.

- Young Justice Targets #1-5: Flashback story in these issue follow from Young Justice #19's ending before the timeskip and before Revelation.

14. Revelation

15. Humanity

16. Failsafe

17. Disordered

18. Secrets

19. Misplaced

20. Coldhearted

21. Image

22. Agendas

23. Insecurity

24. Performance

25. Usual Suspects

26. Auld Acquaintances

- Young Justice Targets: Flashback story placed in Year Four putting it before Legacy.

- Young Justice Legacy: Takes place in Year Five prior the timeskip ending of Young Justice #19.

- Young Justice #20-26: Year Zero Flashbacks are set between Agendas & Insecurity with the final one in #26 set early on in Year One. The rest of the story is set a month prior to Year Six.

27. Happy New Years

28. Earthlings

29. Alienated

30. Salvage

31. Beneath

32. Bloodlines

33. Depths

34. Satisfaction

35. Darkest

36. Before the Dawn

37. Cornered

38. True Colors

39. Fix

40. Runaways

41. War

42. Complications

43. The Hunt

44. Intervention

45. Summit

46. Endgame

- Young Justice Outsider #1: Timestamp places it a month and three days after Endgame.

47. Princes All

48. Royal We

49. Eminent Threat

50. Private Security

51. Away Mission

52. Rescue Op

53. Evolution

54. Triptych

55. Home Fires

56. Exceptional Human Beings

57. Another Freak

58. Nightmare Monkeys

59. True Heroes

60. Influence

61. Leverage

62. Illusion of Control

63. First Impression

64. Early Warning

65. Elder Wisdom

66. Quiet Conversations

67. Unknown Factors

68. Antisocial Pathologies

69. Terminus

70. Into the Breach

71. Overwhelmed

72. Nevermore

- The Prize: Before Inhospitable, well and within in Nevermore.

73. Inhospitable

74. Needful

75. Volatile

76. Involuntary

77. Tale of Two Sisters

78. Artemis Through the Looking Glass

79. The Lady, or the Tigress?

80. I Know Why the Caged Cat Sings

81. Odnu!

82. Nomed Esir!

83. Teg Ydaer!

84. Og Htrof Dna Reuqonc!

85. Kaerb Ym Traeh!

86. Nautical Twilight

87. Ebb Tide

88. Emergency Dive

89. Leviathan Wakes

90. Beyond the Grip of the Gods!

91. Encounter Upon the Razor's Edge!

92. Forbidden Secrets of Civilizations Past!

93. Odyssey of Death!

94. Rescue and Search

95. Ego and Superego

96. Zenith and Abyss

97. Over and Out

98. Death and Rebirth

- Young Justice Targets #1-6: The present day material follows a couple months from Death and Rebirth.


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