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  1. Twilight is going to wear a belt with four stars on it. Pinkie Pie...was that forshadowing the pary cannon? Applejack will...grow to love formal attire? I don't know! I don't have all the answers.
  2. Prince Thunderflare. He's a pegasus that was adopted by King of the Breezies.
  3. No to all of those, except for the last one.
  4. Pinkie Pride, Flight to the Finish, and Hurricane Fluttershy are all great choices.
  5. Haven't thought of this since season 4 started, so here we go. Pinkie's Lament A True, True Friend This Day Aria Smile Song Bats! Becoming Popular (The Kind of Pony Everypony Should Know) Hearts Strong as Horses Apples to the Core Art of the Dress Make a Wish
  6. Just like the Wonderbolt's Accedemy wasn't brought up again. OH WAIT! It was. Season 5 will have an episode wherein Soarin' will get hurt and Rainbow Dash has replace him. This!
  7. Like Rainbow Dash will never become a Wonderbolt. Oh wait...
  8. Dragonshy was probably the episode that made me a true blue brony.
  9. Forlong


    Sombra was probably some unicorn that went bad durring a quest to understand the very nature of magic.
  10. Since just about everyone has been asking for the CMC to get their cutie marks, and it was part of Lauren's original vision for the show, I thought this would be a good topic to cover. Here's my thoughts on the mater: Applebloom A pony named Gearhead comes to town, saying he's an old friend of AJ's parrents and wants to help her make Sweet Apple Acres great with mechines. Applejack is not cool with the idea, and it comes to a head with her competing against the mechine and hurting herself in the prossess. Applebloom realizes that AJ is being to stubborn and somepony has to tell her o
  11. They already are. Anyway, looks like everyone wants the CMC to get their cutie marks already. Maybe I should start a thread on that.
  12. Discord's reformation still brings tears to my eyes. "Terik tricked me into to thinking he could offer something more valuable than friendship, but there is nothing more valuable. He lied when he said this medalion was given as a sign of graditude and loyalty. But when I say it's a sign of our true friendship, I'm telling the truth." Gets me every time.
  13. Yes, how dare people express themselves through art.
  14. I don't care if she's a cartoon pony. One day she will be mine.
  15. Don't you know? His donut shop is to pay for seminary. You should see the Naruto shippers sometime. Oh, the rage and reckless hate.
  16. Actually, I do know, thanks to this: It confirms that Celestia wasn't aware of Cadance's existance until after she redeemed Prisma.
  17. Oh silly goose, Dash isn't gay. This video clears up the misconceptions quite well:
  18. The dragon at the end of The Journal of the Two Sisters wouldn't have a problem knocking a kingdom or two down out of spite. Discord isn't the only one who can make a mess of things. Trixie did the same thing on a smaller scale. Discord may have a serpent tail, but he is not a serpent. He may have a goat horn, but he is not a goat. He may have a lion paw, but he is not a lion. He is no more a dragon than a crocodile is a dinosaur. FALSE! The Journal of the Two Sisters stated that that their growth rate is different than that of other ponies, thus are mortal. Only females can b
  19. The Journal of the Two Sisters clearified that the Crystal Empire was ruled by a unicorn Princess Amore before Sombra rose to power (likely murdering her). Since Cadence is not a pure crystal pony and was born a pegasus, this means that her father must have been an outsider and pegasus. That is assuming that she is in fact, the proper heir to the throne, but we don't need to discuss that here. Of course, the only male pegasi that we know of from that time period is Commander Hurricane. Of course, he was also a high profile pony, who probably interacted with Amore a lot. Also, since his
  20. The IDW comics have cleared up a few things about King Sombra. We now know that he was not king proper. He proclaimed himself king, likely after taking over the Crystal Empire. He was also relatively unknown to Celestia and Star Swirl prior to his rise to power. Finally, his powers came from some outside force that made him all the more evil. My thoughts on the matter: Sombra was an ambisious, but weak unicorn. Her could handle simple spells without trouble, but was unable to acheive impressive works of more well known unicorns. Envious of their power, Sombra sought out the alicorns
  21. Haters gonna hate! FlashLight isn't cannon as of yet, and probably won't be for quite some time (if at all). Time needs to be spend developing Flash as a character before the relationship can be seen as real, let alone serious.
  22. I don't think so. While there were Griffons competing in the Equestria Games, non were in the top box. I think most of the Griffons we've seen are part of a settlement that is part of Equestria and the don't fall under the juristiction of the Griffon Kingdom.
  23. Discord is not a dragon. Sombra is not an alicorn as far as we know. The reason he's lived as long as he did is because he was sealed away.
  24. Scootaloo's is going to be a scooter. Apple Bloom's is going to be a apple bloom or a barn. Sweetie Belle's is going to be a music note.
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