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movies/tv Opinions on Justice League seasons 1 and 2?


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It was a surprisingly solid and awesome, entertaining show. Every character was great and the story was interesting.

What was a surprise and a slight letdown was Hawkgirl at the finale of season 2. She was my favorite character of all the league members and the show sacrificed her for the sake of drama, similar to how The Walking Dead sacrifices the characters to provoke intense emotions (in a wrong way). It isn't a bad thing, but if the show doesn't pull off a great story about this later on in Justice League Unlimitted, I will be disappointed. Season 2 finale was a good story on it's own, but I can already see the limits. Now I will never get the Hawkgirl that I thought she was.

I mean, as soon as her and Green Lantern are together, then just at the next episode? We also got to know more about her at the holiday episode. I feel betrayed as well as the characters in the show. It also came out of nowhere.

And the worst part is that they removed the mask. She had the awesome Devil Man look and her eyes looked so ironically cute in there. Now she's all tragic conflicted traitor. I was tricked and fooled to believe a certain character to be a certain way and be attached to it. It isn't a good tool for storytelling just like The Walking Dead saying "You should be shocked and hopeless like the characters in the story."

Hawkgirl was a very simple character, but I liked it that way. Now everybody has a complicated backstory.

But still, 8.5/10

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Simply sharing an opinion regarding a television series would be best done through a status update or perhaps even a blog entry. However, instead of locking this topic, I will alter its title to give it the ability to commence a discussion.

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