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S05:E21 - Scaremaster


S05:21 - Scaremaster  

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Title: Scare Master
Air Date: October 31, 2015
Written by:Natasha Levinger
Synopsis: Fluttershy decides to join the rest of the Mane Six on Nightmare Night to face her fears.




"Time for a brand new episode .... YAY"









"Shush Pinkie Pie. Let her have this one."



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Scrappy Angel Bunny's giving Fluttershy reason to go out in Nightmare Night and face her fears! YMMV on whether that's admirable of him or not.

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Good morning everypony, who's ready for things to get SPOOOKYYYY???  :comeatus:



Already loving this episode very much!  :muffins:   Of course Angel Bunny is the reason Flutters is out and about.  :fiery:

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