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video Reservoir Dogs Naming w/ponies

Lady Rarity Pony

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I originally planned to include this in the other video I'm working on but it's too long compared to the other clips...so I decided to upload it separately.

It has Strong Language...if you care.

It's the first time I ponyfied a movie scene...this scene was suggested by Crispy.

Tell me what you think.


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The irony is that Pinkie Pie is the one naming Mr. Pink and not named. >: D


Also be very afraid.

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Now I want to legally change my last name to Black...

"Samuel Black" sounds almost as awesome as "Lyra Heartstrings"



Too bad black guys can't have the last name "Black..."

"Jaleel White" == Black

"Rebbecca Black" == White

You gotta love the subtle racism in the naming industry. :P

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