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I used to be part of a role play that took place beyond Equestria prior to season 5 I think, (My how much has changed) which consisted of about a dozen nations conducting war, trade, and diplomacy. Unfortunately a conclusion was never reached. We had people participating from all around the world, so often one had to wait many hours if not till the next day for a reply because of the sheer time zone differences. Life as usual also intervened but it was a splendid time while it lasted. It did considerably well I think, and it captured my imagination so much that I still explore ideas to incorporate into the world that was created. My goals are to further develop the existing nations and characters of this role play, and too eventually convert it into a story with a proper ending. And one day if I have the time, I'd like to start it up again at a later period. However, I need a little assistance on something.

This was largely built off of real world examples and cross overs of historical events and cultures, and realistically, there'd be more than a dozen nations. It's a perfectly fine amount for a role play focused around the current and potential world powers, but I'm not a fan of empty space. This is where you come in. I'm seeking ideas for additional nations, native groups, and influential characters that would either fit in with the show, or from any time period up until the end of the Victorian era. These could be politicians, high ranking members of militaries, members of royalty, revolutionaries, religious figures, robber barons, you name it. This is the place to get creative and share your thoughts. You might just be a few key strokes away from guiding this world onto a new path.

That's just the map we used at the time. I intend to use/make a different one. Thought it'd look nice with the post. Feel free to ask questions if you have any.

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