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Silky would trot over towards Fuschia! "Henlo, lovely!! My name is Silky! May I ask what is your personal experience as an autistic unicorn and does it make your performance with magic unique in some way, as well?" :grin:

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For one thing my autism gives me an enhanced drawing ability that can rival the most experienced Neurotypical artists and a very detailed inner world, but being autistic is not without it's many downsides, for one thing I can get pretty overwhelmed by changes in my schedule and by some normal sensory imput, particularly involving taste like, I can't stand food if it's too hot or cold and I hate carbonated drinks, and I'm not really the best when it comes to social interaction, since I have bad eye contact and can sometimes come off as rude when I didn't intend to be.

When it comes to magic I could do magic just fine, but my magic can get out of control during meltdowns.

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