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food What was the last food you ate?

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I had a brie chick slider (chicken with brie cheese, cranberry sauce, tomato & herbed mayo), a zen chick slider (chicken with satay sauce, coriander, shredded carrot & herbed mayo) and a classic slider (beef with cheese, mustard, pickle, tomato sauce & egg mayo) with chips and a drink from Grill’d, yum yum.


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Sausage casserole again – 2 Richmond pork sausages, mushrooms, diced red pepper, lightly fried chopped onion, Coleman's casserole mix with added garam massala, half a Korean pot noodle spice sachet, & some crushed mustard seeds left to soak in cold water for 15 minutes. Spicy! (no pix)

Small apple pie to follow, tea.


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2 minutes ago, Tropical Melody said:

Beef pie?


Last night, using up leftovers - fried mushrooms, red pepper & baked beans on toast.


far from it :p

Banitsa :)

Sounds yum btw.

Try frying cheese with eggs,flour thing




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